[14] What Lies in Between


The numbers were always with me.
The fifth prime in minutes
Past the second square in hours
And you query if I am okay
On this unfortunate day.

I ponder why I am in unrest;
Why do I see things as unluck?

It’s superstition, more or less.
But no matter what reason says,
I am afraid to say
My fears won’t let me be okay.

That accursed number
Has me trapped as ever.
Or does this demon lie deeper?


[13] Unluck


You fear my darkness.
Why, my child?
Is it what is not known?
Prefer you light?
The future is in shadow.
I say it’s best you accept this.

You see strange things
And call them dangerous.
You make such assumptions;
Why do you see this wise?
I promise to you, my child,
I only wish to see you well.

The darkness can wish, too.

[12] Twelve Elements



Two poles

And a bridge.

The numbers drive me

To seek balance in existence,

To seek truth from all perspectives,

To seek the nature of universal cycles.

I’ll leave at dawn to take my route,

For myself, for the world, but also for you.

Someday you’ll see, they’ll see; I want to inspire you.

I want to inspire the world, and share all my love.

These twelve elements keep me centered. I’ll share with you my love.

[10] Ten Pins


They fell out
Of my closet
While I sat
And watched it.
My head spins;
How did they fall?
Four Blue +
Four Yellow +
Two Red =
Ten Pins.

Ten memories.
Or one memory.
Or many memories,
Many stories.
They fell
Now, what was it
Several days ago?
How, I don’t know.
Left untouched
With stories to tell.

I don’t need
To touch them
To recall the stories.
A plastic ball
Brought them down, too.
But more importantly,
The child
And their father.
Not about the games,
But about the who.

[9] Nine


Wasted emptiness,
Drowning in sorrow;
Put back the tasks
Driven past or to tomorrow.
Don’t justify meaning
Or make comnherentisible,
Or make underintelligistandable,
There’s no time to clean these lines
When they’re knotted, infinitely intertwined.

Just conform to a standard.
Don’t ask why.
They’ll read between the lines.

Pull meaning out of nothing.
They’ll see what they want,
And that’s good enough for them.

Just be pretty with your words.
Extravagantly verbose,
Brilliantly grandiose.

You gotta think. Nine.
9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9.
I tried and I tried
With the triad of triads
But I’m tired and I’m tied,
What’s it mean to you anyhow?
It’s not outside the box
If there’s no box at all;
There’s only knots.

[8] Eight is Two and Six


Waking up without your beautiful voice,
But still feeling so in love with you,
Hurts so much when I’m without choice,
Without power to bring us to be two.
Tomorrow I’ll wake with you once again;
In morning’s cold, you’ll warm my heart.
But what lies between’s still what it’s been,
I wonder, how long will we be apart?