Far yet Close

Seperated by great distances

But bonded closer to each other

Than to those in their neighborhoods.

Souls wander, choosing and following a path

And these souls meet others of their kind

Who chose and followed the same.



Let your dreams surround you.

I can’t say that nothing will hurt you here

But here you will find more truth

Than you feel you can find

In what you call reality.

Calling out to the past, the future,

Distant memories,

Shadows of what is to come,

And reflections of yourself.

Dreams are your mind

Talking to itself.

It is valuable to listen

To what it tells you,

Because we all have a lot to learn

Even from ourselves.


He didn’t see it coming– no one did, not until seconds before it happened–

When it hit he didn’t even realize it. Not immediately. It wouldn’t be until shortly after he came to terms with his senses. And then came the pain.

He sat there in shock and agony but tried not to show it because he didn’t want to seem weak, because that would mean he couldn’t handle it.

And that would beĀ weak.

Terror rushes over him as he tries to grasp hold of reality. The ambiguity of not remembering everything, the sense of loss by not being able to remember, and the fear of remembering and being worsley traumatized–

–They all wash over him. Everything aches. He feels sick.

Dread. Despair.

And worst of all, no one to care.


She doesn’t want you to tell her that

“There’s nothing to worry about!”

Because she’s trying to heal her wounds,

Not live in self-ignorance.

She doesn’t want you to say

“Things could always be worse.”

Because this is pain greater

Than you even can comprehend.

She doesn’t want you to make up that she’s

“Sad without a reason!”

Because those are four words

That cause so much agony to people every day.