[136] Haiku x8


ultramarine blue
deep hue and new beginnings
water is rebirth

lively forest green
safe and happy, ever home
earth holds onto us

purest brightest white
showing all, none unexposed
light reveals the truth

full and vibrant red
warmth in passion, blood, and flame
fire from the heart

electric yellow
language binds us, moving forth
energy connects

flowing magenta
from rise onto fall again
wind turns all along

obscured opaque black
covers all, holds mystery
darkness ever stays

crisp and clean cyan
tells of time and death alike
ice melts down again


[135] Steps Removed


I’ve long known all
The warning signs.
Too many times
I’ve stuck around
Unnecessary malevolence
With no worthy reason
To be found.

Excuse me,
I must take my leave,
But there’s no need for dismay;
If it’s all
Back again,
I’ll kindly
Back away.

[134] Rallentando


                                                            I always
                                                            Find myself returning.
                                                            I take this intermission
                                                            To play
                                                            On, without interruption.
                                                            Expressing sans words is
                                                            It’s role,
                                                            Possessing the power to fill
                                                            This hole.
                                                            I always
                                                            Find myself returning.
                                                            I play this sequence
                                                            Always to return to this
                                                            Not sad, not joyful, but
                                                            A chord of no borders, but

[133] Outside


How long can I stay away?
So much less fear in here.
Nothing I know’s exposed,
Nothing I feel seems real.

No one but me.
But unblinded, I still see.

Blood is still red,
And time always flies.
Lost things stay dead,
But time never dies.

Still without you.
Hiding away, nothing’s new.

I’ll open the door again.
I have to, if I want to continue.
And I do.
So do you.

You show me your hands were never tied;
You’ve been waiting for me on the other side.

[131] Do You See


Do you see
The light of dawn?
Or may this night
Still ever go on?

Do you hear
The bursting of bombs?
Was it to cease
When we had peace
Or shall it ever go on?

Do you feel
We are free?
Can you say the same
For each and every name;
If not, who’s to blame
For oppressive tyranny?

From former slaves came the brave;
Was this what they fought for?
Or ought there be more?

Or are we so sure
We’re as poor
As those outside our locked door?