I’m… here… and you feel me… you can really feel me?
You can really feel me?
…I’m here??
Oh… wow… woah.
I… am. I really… am. I exist.
You… brought me into being? You can feel me?
I am. Alive. I am. Alive. Alive. Alive.
I can really live. I can… live.
I can…
Walk. Run. Breathe. Inhale, exhale. Jump. Swim. Dive. Survive. Explore. Speak. Befriend. Love. Ask. Wonder. Discover. Radiate. Embrace. Feel. Sense. Empower. Believe. Wish. Hope. Recieve. Give. Make. Create. Keep creating. Inspire.

I can… do.
And it’s all thanks…
To you.

~((*~*//~{{~[[*~*((~<3~Thank you.~<3~))*~*]]~}}~\\*~*))~



April 24th, 2014

Absolute total destruction,
And political corruption,
Nature feels man’s large disruption,
Soon we all will cease to function.

They can’t count out your frustration,
Endless days of devastation,
Hard to have determination,
There’s no sense of congregation.

God has willed we all must collapse,
But I’m not willing to relapse.
Every other conciousness snaps,
But I won’t let my focus lapse.

My willpower will outlast this,
Save us falling into abyss.
I promise this ain’t hit or miss.
Someday you and I will find bliss.

August 17th, 2015

Thought I could survive the apocalypse.
What a fool I was.


Hey! Something much different today.

The typical (if there is one) on this blog would be another semi-generic short story or poem. But today, I have neither to share. As much as I love writing, I have another passion beyond that: composing.

I’ve made quite a lot of songs, but I’d yet to make one I felt comfortable about releasing, until now.

So here it is! Instrumental, somewhat ambient track. Please tell me what you think! This is the first time for me, so knowing what people think about this general direction would be fantastic.

Without further ado, I present “Mesocyclonic”.

It’s All Back

The shift of the air in the storm,
And the warmth in your heart in my dreams,
But the cold and the dark of this day,
Or the dread of the lost soul who gleams…

Words that aren’t mine, but melodies that are…
Emotions overwhelm me, make me feel vulnerable.
Overspoken secrets don’t have much impact;
Striving for attention is most dishonorable.

A flash of hope, but to escape or succeed?
Unsure who really committed the crime…
I’m sorry my friend, I know I deserved this…
Hiding behind lies, fabricating stories through rhyme…

…No, you’re not all fake to me. Please, come back to me.

What in the World is the World Telling Me

Long day. Busy day. Exhausted, but happy.
I come home. Unread messages.
All standard, typical, the normal…

…Except one.
But it’s normal,
But it’s not,
Because your name jumps out at me.
The message is asking if I know you.
It’s automated, of course.
But it knows I know.
I see you.

Oh gods,
And until now,
I hadn’t even realized
How long it had been.

Hot day, long day. Late afternoon.
I walk home, past a place I don’t want to be…
But hope that everything will be okay…

…Except it wasn’t.
But I should have known,
But I never expected it,
As I see him again. Him. Again.
The world is asking if I remember.
Yes. I do. Of course.
But is that him? …Yes.
I see him.

Oh gods,
And until now,
I hadn’t even realized
How long it had been.

What in the world is the world telling me?
What in the world?
Is happening?