[6] Six Days


I didn’t want to go.
I wanted to stay home.
I’ve been trying so hard
But getting nowhere
Trying to make this for you.
Trying to be more than me.

Waking to her beautiful voice,
Feeling so in love with her,
Makes it hurt more
When I have to leave
Even if for an hour
Even if for my health.

Lifting the weights,
It’s a game of numbers.
7 / 3 reps; 16.5 lbs/20 lbs;
4 days stamina + 2 days strength;
It’s also about the pain.
It’s also worth that pain?

Now time to work, right?
Time to get something done?
But I seem to only be
Motivated by tragedy?
Why can’t I make more?
Why can’t I be more than me?

I don’t want to go.
I have to stay home.
I have to be productive.
I have to get somewhere, but…
He offer we take you.
He offers you join our trip.

We’re side by side now,
Watching this crazy world,
Loving this strange culture,
Living as a part of it.
I remember how happy you make me;
I remember why I’m doing this.


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