[5] Five Veins


reach               for                    the                   light,                 spreading
for                    linear                rays                  of                     warmth,
the                   rays                  provide            your                 energy,
light,                of                     your                 internal            love
spreading         warmth,            energy,             love                  eternal

[4] Four Hours


The first was filled with shock,
Filled with grief, pain, denial…
We cried, we wish they’d lied,
But we were sure after awhile.

The second held a talk;
There were offers of support.
We promised it would be okay,
Sharing this love of a sort.

The third, I took your words
And I sang them in my heart.
You inspired me so greatly,
So I offer you my art.

The fourth let me remember
Your legacy we’ll forever find:
When life leaves us blind,
Love keeps us kind.

Chester Bennington has truly been one of the most inspiring people I’ve ever known. This is for him. Rest in peace, Chester. I love you so much for everything you’ve done. You live on in our hearts.


[3] Three Bridges


I am a vertex:
Alone, a single point in its place,
Yet suspended above the solid’s base.


Three points below,
And three bridges with lines trace
The outlines of each triangular face.


With my foundation,
I’m elevated to the sky with grace;
I reach up for the aether of space.


We’re the whole.
We are the pyramid; fire we trace
In our mutual tetrahedral embrace.

[1] One Moment, Please

Think about
What you thought about
When you weren’t without
a moment to yourself.

Walk about,
Leave the room, head out,
Tune their voices out:
a moment to yourself.

A man sits alone as the sun falls past him;
What time is he counting but the seconds in his thought?
The world drifts on, he’s pulled into the dusklight dim,
His memories are static, but the world’s got him caught;
His body drifts along with each and every rotation,
Inertia numbs the feeling; still, gravity’s a force.
But must his consciousness be bound to all the world’s sensation?
His body’s left to physics, but his mind is on his course.

How can he live without concern for this instant?
Why can’t you be with your mind and take a step away?
There’s such a paranoia, you can’t bare to be distant,
So all despite mental decay, you choose to stay, day by day.
You wish that you could be there for the people that you love,
Sacrificing health, putting your hurt and fear upon the shelf.
But empty cups will offer nothing nurturous to speak of,
And what fills you if you can’t learn to be one with yourself?

Think about
How you’ve come to doubt
That you’ve been allowed
a moment to yourself.

Walk about,
Leave at dawn, take your route,
Never again be without

[0] Aleph Null

Hi! Is anyone still here? Am I talking to myself? It’s all alright. It’s been about nine months since I’ve written anything for this site. Two weeks ago was the third birthday of Cryptic Dreams. I didn’t stop living life; there was a lot of life to live. However, I still wish to return to the place I started writing at all.

Today, 17 July 2017, I am starting project Aleph Null. Every day, I will write something and post it here, along with a picture. It will be numbered. And maybe I’ll do this forever. I have no idea. I’ve found for me it seems it’s better not to assume where something’s going to go before I’ve started it. I just want to take the journey and tell my stories as I promised to do three years ago.

What more is there to say…?

Well, let’s find out.