[456] Losing Touch


Holding hands with
Your eyes closed,
You hear no longer
A word from her;
At any question or remark,
Answer is null and void.
Open these shades
Cast upon yourself,
And see what you hold onto.

Cold as stone,
Bare but bone.


[455] The Embers


I want your warmth,
Like once long ago,
Yet still, never to be the same;
Not, however, any less close.
I need you to know,
I know you know we know it’s so,
No need to say the way in which
We trust in forever, we trust that together.
I love you;
Will love, loving, loved,
With or without the words,
We promise everglow.
We know.

[454] The Adventurous Kind


It is no secret: I cannot swim.
It was no matter, no real danger, perhaps,
The matter before us that was
To try to cross without the bridge of man,
But of much fresher fallen wood.
At most, if fallen, chilling– no, chilly
Inconvenience, not worthy of
Much worry, or such dramatic pose, I suppose,
Yet here we are, and I dare questioned
If you shall really follow me, still?

There we stood on the other side,
By side, like we always knew.
No matter what or where we may find,
It is together we are our kind.

[453] The Life Of The Land


The thing about
What lies beneath the ground,
With which you choose to root yourself down,
Is no one can see a thing of it.
Not even your own eyes,
Despite what you may feel
Beneath the soil…
Support obscured, enclosed,
Entrapping, and wrapping
To the land of the dead.
It is the only land.
It is the deal
At hand.