[125] Something New


Starting where I was,
One moment I had witnessed
Many more still yet to come.
Everything that I’d become.
Too much to put into words;
His music was enough.
In this, I found my purpose.
Now and then, it is the same,
Growing still with every passing day.

Now I look back, and wonder if
Events unfolded in any other way,
Would I have not found my path?


[121] Rememberer


Graffiti on industrial walls,
Writing in restroom stalls,
Transmissions of encoded sound,
Little papers left to be found,
Printed notes in a public place,
Text written in an open space,
Poster board collages of script,
Message board forum post crypt,
Carvings into granite stone,
None of it all her own,
She shares His Word.

A crone and widowed bride,
She has no one else at her side.
Quite nearly overtaken by grief,
She looked to faith for relief.
Not having what she planned to find,
It brought a new thought to her mind.
No ancient book could ever outdo
How his poetry rang to her so true.
To serve her God, still up above
Would be dedicated to her love.
He will be heard.

[120] Ice V


I want them all to be happy.
I want to be happy.
I just want… could I find a balance
And appease them all?

I think humans are wonderful
I think they’re horrible
I just think… could I form a family
I don’t push apart as well?

I’m not just afraid to die,
I’m afraid for my legacy to die.
I’m afraid for yours.

Am I enough?
Am I just


[119] Haiku x7


the universe thinks
we’re neurons in a network
hexis in nexus

all is intertwined
hence, as above, so below
through scaled dimensions

rise, light, fall and dark,
rise again so on for all
all the self fulfills

one cannot exist
without still another side
making them the same

numbers fall in time
rhythm inevitable
beat, tone, light, and force

nothing’s without cause
reason always must exist
all actions affect

gender’s of the mind
soul is layered with body
all in your control