Can you feel it too?

It’s pacing so much harder and faster

Than yours or mine…

Yet with this, we can’t identify how it feels.

Is it terrified? Excited? Enraged? In love?

Or maybe more than one?

One signal

Can mean

Many things.



This is the time of year that many people like to spend with their families. They relax, have fun, enjoy themselves and the love they share amongst each other. Many people enjoy this time of year for that reason.

However, many is not all. Unfortunately, there are some who have no one to call family. Some lost their parents and siblings, or were neglected as a child, or are forced to spend their lives away from family. For these people, this can be one of the hardest times of the year. If you have no one around you to love, it’s awfully hard to see it all around you as a reminder of what you don’t have.

It’s easy for those who have to forget those who don’t. However, you should remember that love and family doesn’t necessarily have to be biological.

It isn’t necessary to dedicate your life to finding those who need love, but it is however very possible for all of us to stop ignoring them, as easy as it is. If we give a little love to the loveless this season, and all year round, it would be symbiotically benevolent.

Every act of kindness counts, no matter how small. After all, some things small to you are everything to someone else.

You have a donut.

And you’re eating it.

But, are you considering where it even came from? Donuts don’t appear from thin air, as you know (unless you think they do, which I suppose I can’t exactly prove isn’t true).

That donut you’re eating had to be made by someone. Who made it? How old are they? What were they thinking when they made the donut? Were they thinking about how much you would enjoy this donut?

Of course, to make a donut, you need the ingredients to do so. Where did the grain come from? If your donut has sprinkles, where were those made? Maybe the grain was grown and harvested on a large family-owned farm. Maybe the sprinkles were mass-produced by machines in a factory off in some other country. Or maybe neither of these are true, but they sure did come from somewhere!

You can take each step back in time, and keep coming across these questions. So are we getting anywhere with it all? If every question’s answer is a question, how do we ever even begin to make sense of it? How can we understand the universe if we can’t even accurately describe where you got that donut from?

Well, you may now be questioning the meaning of your existence, and think, all just because of a donut! Well, worry not. You exist just as much as you think you do. After all, how could “nothing” worry about itself not existing? You are perfectly real.

I hope you enjoy your donut!

Shadow of Oppression

They will never find
A way into my mind.
I always make sure
Not to leave a clue behind.
I’ve dimmed the lights that shined,
Soon they will have resigned,
As they’ll soon find out
That it isn’t worth the grind.

I feel the need to hide
From all those I’ve defied.
I only sat and listened
As she burned and cried.
I’m┬ádangerous as fluoride,
As bad as homicide,
Stay away or else you’re poisoned
With my deadly cyanide.