[167] Lethargically Enervated


It’s too much
Regardless of time…
Throughout the dark,
And the day alike.
For without it,
So much more I’d achieve.
But as dreams decay deferred,
So too does my hope leave.


[164] Solitary


I still wish I knew
Why you chose to leave?
I try not to insinuate,
But wonder how
We may have wronged you?

No words have been exchanged
Since mine of inquiry
And ever growing worry;
It’s been so long,
Yet it’s long ’til I forget.

Maybe it’s time to accept
We’ll never get an answer.
We’ll keep on counting on,
Each in our own way,
But still together, never alone.

I only wish
I didn’t feel
You had to feel
The same.

I still suppose
You’ve each other,
And need us not.

Deeds done in your name,
I never forgot.

Let my love be known,
Let my light be shown.