One More Night, One More Day

One more night

To rest away

And to dream of

The one more day

I wait to share

A story of love.

This is for you

To be part of.

One day. Twenty-four hours.

The wait is almost over.


Truth and Fiction (and updates)

He worried about his passion

Being overtaken by love

But then realized his love

Is what fueled his passion.

It is now confirmed that April 30th will be the release date for part one of Ember.

There will be weekly updates until we reach the end of the story. However, that won’t stop from the occasional regular post in between. I am personally very excited to share this story, as it is one of my favorite things I have ever been able to write.

I sincerely hope everyone who reads enjoys this story, accompanied by the beautiful soundtrack that inspired it.


The Color of Me

Let me tell you what I see,

The darkness woven chaotically

Into mystical, cryptic dreams.

Let me tell you what I want to be,

My passions, and loving faith

Bursting at the seams.

Show me what you see in me,

Illustrate and outline

Solid edges, flowing streams.

Draw my life and set me free

How darkness makes my shadow

And my brightest color gleams.

Deeper into Madness

What is that echo?

I hear the crying.                                           All running parallel,

Is it me? Is it her?                               I cannot focus

Is it someone else?                                               on any one event

I see you behind me.                                  as everything

I lock the door.                                                 is crumbling

I run backward in time.                          apart

I open the door.

I apologize.                                                      Help me.

You cry.                                                              Kill me.

I don’t know




It’s all gone.

Where is my faith now?

Quick announcement: I am pushing back the date on my release of the short story so that the timing works out better. A lot has been going on that I had not anticipated, but it will be released before the end of April, most definitely.

Thanks for keeping patient, hopefully everything goes as planned.