[14] What Lies in Between


The numbers were always with me.
The fifth prime in minutes
Past the second square in hours
And you query if I am okay
On this unfortunate day.

I ponder why I am in unrest;
Why do I see things as unluck?

It’s superstition, more or less.
But no matter what reason says,
I am afraid to say
My fears won’t let me be okay.

That accursed number
Has me trapped as ever.
Or does this demon lie deeper?

[13] Unluck


You fear my darkness.
Why, my child?
Is it what is not known?
Prefer you light?
The future is in shadow.
I say it’s best you accept this.

You see strange things
And call them dangerous.
You make such assumptions;
Why do you see this wise?
I promise to you, my child,
I only wish to see you well.

The darkness can wish, too.