[150] Shimmering


In and out
I’m okay with this
With you.


[147] Lullaby


My father
Used to sing me to sleep
When I was so young;
I do not remember
The song…
I remember being held.

And this is the same room,
And this is the same bed,
But how have I changed?
Am I still quite the same?

My memories
Used to lead me to thoughts,
And each further to a dream;
I could not remember
That comfort
For the longest time.

And I often stayed awake,
And I often stared at decay,
But now that has changed.
For you are by my side.

Could you hold me,
My love?

Hold me so close to you
And I’ll share my warmth.

Could you sing to me,
My love?

Sing to me a memory
We’ve still yet to live.

[143] Celeste


Look to the sky with me.
The eclipse has passed.
The Sun and The Moon
Are again as they were.
But we down here,
Have changed somehow.

And many Suns pass,
And many Moons pass;
The light of each day
Hides all else away
As it outshines them all,
But it’s not what we search.

We seek the dark of night,
Devoid of any obscuring light;
Amidst the drifting of asteroids,
Along with tail-blazed comets,
Among the stellar space dust,
The space dust that makes us.

The black voids do not cooperate.
Seeking the truth, ironically,
Only brought me away from it;
Right in front of me, you showed,
If only we were to count the stars,
One by one, each moment in time.

Beyond the thousands we can see,
Billions cascade through spacetime,
And each one brought you to me.
And each one brought me to you.
Strings between stars bind us together;
This was always, and will be forever.

And when the Sun rises again,
And the blinding light returns,
And the stars are all obscured,
And we wish to explore the world,
You will be my compass,
And you’ll point me to the sky.

And we will fly.

[133] Outside


How long can I stay away?
So much less fear in here.
Nothing I know’s exposed,
Nothing I feel seems real.

No one but me.
But unblinded, I still see.

Blood is still red,
And time always flies.
Lost things stay dead,
But time never dies.

Still without you.
Hiding away, nothing’s new.

I’ll open the door again.
I have to, if I want to continue.
And I do.
So do you.

You show me your hands were never tied;
You’ve been waiting for me on the other side.