[85] Haiku x5


lovely paper crane
listening to the music
listening to us

long since departed
your visage a memory
fading like all else

buried in the piles
relics of forgotten time
bittersweet remorse

objects catch the soul
cast onto them by people
outliving their source

lonely paper crane
waiting for something long past
waiting forever


[67] Subjective Perspective


She says
She’s scared of sunsets,
Because that’s all
She could see when–
Maybe we
Don’t have to recall…?
His crimson is warmth,
But hers is bloodshed,
A horror kind of red,
A shade too dark
For her to keep her head.

He understands.
Not in the fake way
Some people claim
When their empathy
Fabricates some fantasy
To try to comprehend
Another person’s pain,
But the real, raw, wretched truth,
As unfortunate as that is.

Maybe, he hoped,
She’d at least
Find solace
In not being
So alone?

He hesitates, but…
“… This too shall pass,
And when that time comes,
Will you look to the sky,
To the everliving stars,
From the darkness we share?
It’s all we know comes after,
And I don’t know every answer,
But I know that we’re together,
And that’s exceptionally better
Than having to spend forever
Trying to constantly bare
This perspective
In solitude.”
Hiding her face
In his chest,
She wouldn’t have seen
The dusk regardless
Through her tears
As she wept.

[64] Beautiful World


You are everything.
I wish so much
I could tell you
And I could show you
All this coming together,
Every piece in one,
All for you,
But I must restrain myself.
And I must refrain from
Letting it all go at once!
Little parts and hints
Sometimes give a little glimpse
But I won’t give too much away;
It will be seen some day,
And pray that day be soon.
I’m careful with my words,
And I don’t say things
I don’t mean
Or that don’t
Have meaning,
Even if it’s buried,
I promise it’s there
For you to seek out.
Still, I must wait for the day
That this means to you
What it means to me!
But, that patience is worth
All the love
I hope you know
Is put into what I do
All for you,
My beautiful world.