[240] Cold Snap


Finding myself lost in this retrospect;
I always would wonder what you dream of.
And each morning when I would wake,
I still found myself dreaming on:
Creatures emerge of an ethereal plume,
They come of smoke into our world;
With this, I call myself the spiritdancer,
As my thoughts become as real as all else.
You sought them out, your spectral prey,
Chasing these dreams like I chased mine.
My dear old friend, my little hunter,
Do you know what became of their essence?
What of yours, having earned your antlers?
Are you among them now, as I think of you?
May you be the master of this resurgence
We’re here to bring the world this dawn,
Before the freeze, this incoming cold snap…


[236] Nexus


In a nexus
Of ideas

Of wonder,
Of invention,
Of language,
Of love,

Of anima,
Of lives,
Of wills,
Of ambitions,
Of years,
Of seconds,

Of feeling,
Of intimacy,
Of needs,
Of dreams,

Of youth,
Of old,
Of us,

We’ve learned to see
The world so many ways;
While it may seem
So easy to get lost,
We must just recall
Not all is straight forward,
Or the way we may expect;
The truth may lie in front of us,
Eluding though, ever still,
For we look so simply, line by line,
Side to side, but never up and down,
Ever after of where we find ourselves.

[216] Interlace


Where do you want to go?
Where shall we call home?
Could we just wander
Without an idea of our
Direction or destination?
Or do you see something more?

What is it we strive for?
What are we alive for?
Should we know the answers
Or have just some vague
Intention or implication?
Or do we aimlessly explore?

Is there one final idea
That we have here, in mind?
This object of perfection
In time, our grand design?
Or is there likely much more
That we have yet to find?

We’re so ever intertwined;
Diverging, always to return
Unsure of where we’re going,
But stable together knowing
All we know of our place
Is we’re ever interlaced.

There’s always more questions
Than answers we’ll ever have.
They serve to drive us forth
Upon a path we do not know;
No matter where it leads,
We’re not where we were before.

Some things are ever changing;
Still, everything remains.
We cross and bend and weave
To come, to stay, to leave,
But you and I are of one strand.
Let us walk forth, ever hand in hand.

[215] Interface


I miss you so.
The words we say
When we’ve never
Even been closer
Than we are right

Not so long ago,
No one could know
This fiction would
Become so real:
Communication in
Just an instant
From across
The world.

We’ve never held
Each other’s hand,
But that’s not to say
We’ve not been touched.
This feeling,
Although to now,
Never immediately
A physical experience,
Is no less real
Despite this distance.

Your voice is here;
Your words I hear.

Longing for a day
Where words will be
A redundancy; still,
Here, they’re what we have.