[257] Opportunities


So many fledgling opportunities
These moments, such chances,
Passing instances unnoticed
With so many snapshots untaken,
As I’m just taken by the moment.


[255] Haiku x15


underneath it all
things forgotten long ago
having shaped the now

actions unthought of
little choices multiply
each significant

if they choose to stay
or they choose to walk away
they walk different paths

relationships changed
people meet who’d not have met
others never will

some are never born
others rise, yet, in their place
new generations

each life touches all
all together, powerful
choosing destiny

disasters averted, yet
others take their place

history reworked
worlds created or destroyed
stories left untold

if each action costs
so much more than we can see
how can one choose right?

can anyone bear
the responsibility
of all future fate?

our sphere of effect
expanding out at light speed
forever always

how can one live on
feeling like each movement forth
could be end of all?

one must come accept
that the world is so complex,

still, do not forget
or yet underestimate
the effect of cause

always live aware
not afraid or paranoid
accept and adapt