If the universe was timeless,

I wouldn’t have to leave you.

But then again,

If the universe was timeless,

I would never know you,

Because we wouldn’t live.



Scared and lost
She has to keep running
From the oppressor

It doesn’t make sense.
It must make sense.
Make it make sense.

Do you want
To talk about it?

Do you even know
How much it hurts
To have someone say
That your life
Is a lie?

are those cuts even real
why are you so fake
stop lying to yourself
everything is okay

I am a lie…

I don’t know.
I’m sorry.
You did nothing wrong.
I’m still sorry.

nothing is wrong
I am nothing but lies.

I keep hearing spirits scream.
What are they screaming?


Some of us would rather live in lie than truth

Hide away from the world,

Because at least it numbs the pain.

And if we can’t solve the problem,

Why live with its burden?

Some of us would rather live in truth than lie

Open themselves up

If even only to one.

If we keep trying, keep pushing

We’ll find a day where we don’t need to lie.

Whoever You Are

Whoever you are,

Whatever you want,

Leave those I care about

Out of the matter.

If you take me down

Can you let the rest of them stand?

They don’t deserve to face the wrath

That you so badly wish for me to suffer.

So back away from them,

I’m right over here.


We had so many beautiful colors,

Vibrant shades of blue, green, white, red,

Yellow, magenta, black, cyan.

A beautiful spectrum of colors

Delicately lined up on the shelves.

But one day, I tripped, and

Falling into the shelves, I

Took them down with me.

The colors and shades fell too,

Spilling and splattering, mixing, combining.

What we were left with

Was no longer our vibrant shades,

Was no longer our beautiful rainbow,

But a dark, messy, unsaturated



Something keeps yelling at me to


I don’t want to run away from you.

But I want to run away.

Not from you.

And not forever.

But I need to be somewhere else.

Danger with distance,

Do I take that risk?

… Maybe you already have.

… RUN.