It wasn’t really her lying, was it?

No, it was her mind… lying to her. She was not too weak to fight back, but she didn’t even realize there was anything to fight against.

It was another night in which the blade would be her escape. She didn’t really even think about it anymore, it was just a natural thing to do. No one seemed to notice. The only concern she had was that she was running out of space to keep the scars that crossed along her once smooth skin.

She didn’t consider whether or not it was the “right” thing to do, because that decision had already been made for her. Everyone who’d ever given their opinion told her that it was the right thing to do. Everyone, of course, only consisted of one person. And that was the voice inside her head.

It’s not that no one would care, but everyone else around her was in blissful oblivion. She probably didn’t even have to hide it; no one would notice. Everyone around her was so caught up with themselves that they never looked around them to see the world and those that reside within it.

And in a universe where no one noticed, there would come a day when her flesh could no longer hold together…

…and she fell apart. And of course, only then, the world noticed…


I Speak to You, The Universe

You, The Universe, gave me a chance to live this life.

You put me up to many challenges. Some I overcame on my own,

Others were conquered with the aid of those I entrust.

You taught me many things–

How to heal, how to give, how to love.

So now, I should give it back.

I, The Universe, will give others a chance to live their lives.

They will be put up to many challenges. Some, they’ll overcome on their own,

Others will be conquered with the aid of those they entrust.

And I will teach them many things–

How to heal, how to give, how to love.

The Pain


The pain is in scars, and we try

To gradually fix it, but in reality we’re

Only picking ourselves apart, and

The wounds only get worse.

It is time to accept.

Not learn, because it’s already known.

Not realize, because that happened long ago.

It is time to accept

Time is the true healer.

The Piano


The school was nearly empty now. Everyone except a few staff members had gone home. The halls were empty, but still echoed the sounds of loneliness.

One boy walked through these halls, alone. Waiting. Listening to the ambience. Watching the little clock on his phone, waiting for enough time to pass.

Finally, he goes and checks. The chorus room. He seriously doubted anyone was still there, but he had to make sure. Surely enough, the room was dark. Thankfully, one of the doors was still unlocked. He slipped inside, silently.

He still waited a few minutes, not wanting anyone to intrude. This was his time, and he didn’t want any interruptions to the peace. After the tension of possible intrusion eased, he finally relaxed and sat down at the piano.

He played, and started the melody soft. Simple scaling, nothing very complex. He surely wasn’t the greatest player in the world, but he’d definitely grown his skills a lot since when he’d composed this melody. And then came the chords. And then, came the words. He didn’t sing much, but this was okay, no one was around to hear him but himself now. He sang the first verse.

The words weren’t written by him. They were written by her, and that’s why he believed this song truly belonged to her.

He started by singing softly, but as it progressed, the words became stronger, deeper. He didn’t just sing these words, he felt them. He released them. The room echoed them back to him so he could hear the power.

By the final verse, the melody has evolved into something completely different. And he found himself wishing, somehow, that she could be here to hear it. To hear her own words again, and the pure beautiful nature of the sound.

He finishes the song, closes it with one last scale and a final chord.

And that’s when he realized.

He knew all along it wasn’t just his song.

But it wasn’t just her song, either.

It was their song.