She told me I can’t have you
because you don’t        love me

i love you i will do anything for you please understand
I think it’s      going to happen            again..
I feel like I’m          going to break down
i repeat your name, over, and over,                           i know you
without you

In a broken life[My life is broken]In a broken  f a m i l y           i need you

I       wish I could feel your warmth            you understand? i
think that I                             love you more than anything and
am going to               want you to be okay
leave this world                        for you to be safe and happy
soon                  ——               we will be okay

[You promise me everything will
be okay.]

i love you.          I hope you’re right. I hope so. I pray.
IT WON ‘ T BE O K A Y please don’t hurt yourself YOU WILL F A I L
YOU CANNOT SURVIVE let me be please i love YOU WILL F A I L
do you not trust her?                                                   …

                                                                                                 i love you…

I love you.

                                                                 it will be okay, I promise



                                                    I want to be okay.
i know. you will be.

                                                        i love YOU, too, okay?


              now please, for me… for us.                     rest.
                                                                               [Everything will be okay.]