[151] To Let Go


She always said
He was bad
At letting things

She said that
Three years ago,
So it must be truly

For he still remembers.

He still strives
To rebuild something
Of a long forgotten past.

He pushes forth
Against the current
And the tide of time.


To survive an ego?
To not let it die?

This is inevitable.

This is not the end.

This is just death.


[147] Lullaby


My father
Used to sing me to sleep
When I was so young;
I do not remember
The song…
I remember being held.

And this is the same room,
And this is the same bed,
But how have I changed?
Am I still quite the same?

My memories
Used to lead me to thoughts,
And each further to a dream;
I could not remember
That comfort
For the longest time.

And I often stayed awake,
And I often stared at decay,
But now that has changed.
For you are by my side.

Could you hold me,
My love?

Hold me so close to you
And I’ll share my warmth.

Could you sing to me,
My love?

Sing to me a memory
We’ve still yet to live.