[370] On Track


That staying on this path
Is better than jumping off
At such a velocity,
As no one could survive
Without such injury
Trying to abort
From this moving ride,
Against that tide;
It’ll just rip you apart.


[369] Clarity


These shades, these colors
Do not speak of clarity.
Yet, if they were so clear
Without any filter,
If they chose not to omit
And to obscure the light,
Would these stones
Appear so beautifully?
Perhaps, this is reality.

It’s a delicate little thing,
And must be treated with care,
But this is no burden to me.

[368] Done


Of these points, all I know is what I’ve heard.

The sense of shape I hold is of your word.

Perpendicular to us, you become the third.

You said,
“There is no beginning or end.”
Those, to the point,
Weren’t your final words–
A thing I fear, those
Last utterances none can know–
At least, of their own.
Behind the nothing lay everything
From which each
Needs to answer the other.

There is no final word,
And to ask what came before
Shall be answered with what’s forward.

There is no beginning or end.

[367] None


We didn’t even know of zero.
Nothingness was nothing when you had none.
It wasn’t a thing and we wouldn’t deign say so.

One less than one
Was not only nothing,
But nothing didn’t exist.

We’re expected to believe that here it began.
But if I know anything, it’s that we don’t know
Anything. Even nothing. Dare I ask, what remains

When you take it away?

[366] One


Think back to where it all began.
What is the earliest point in time?
How can it be quantified?
What is so absolute
As these circles
Enveloping the elements,
Surrounding sacred symbols
So certainly the start?
What remains when you take it away?

[365] I Could Write It Down


I’ll never remember everything I said that day.

So many shadows cast by shapes
Set only there by me
In a time
A cycle away from
Where we find ourselves today.

I’m not afraid of this dark
I find myself in.

Someday, you’ll hear the words
Filled with promises I don’t recall
Word by word, but
I know of their heart,

Just like I know yours.
Just like I know when I lay to rest,
You will rise again.

You will read these words,
Just like each before.
I remember a promise
To take this one moment
And write it for myself.
And from one, came two.