[419] Some Kind Of Game


In the search for hints,
They will find all that they wish.
Do you count these words?

What do I put into them?
Where is this labyrinth leading
The mind without guidance?
Are there conclusions
Derived from
Or faith
In the idea
Of there being greater
Purpose in each little detail?
Do you call it into question?
Do you think this is yours?
Who does it belong to?
Why must it exist?
Look back, still,
Further now,
Each chapter
Unique and separate,
Some brilliant, some mundane,
None without something of truth,
As held by author and beholder.



[322] Another


This narrative design
If any at all
Is fairly unconventional.
He, in this story,
Wants resolution
Like instant gratification,
But reality is messy
And the ride a lot more bumpy
In ways he’ll never predict.
But at least no one can claim
That it’s all too cliché.

[311] Deeper Still


Collect, connect, construct,
All yours, a lore. Allure,
For more, further, farther,
Started. Never ending,
Channels changing, bending,
Sending charges, choosing,
Never losing, gaining,
Still retaining, fade in
Thoughts renaming, arranged,
Yet remaining, stationed
Just with different ways in;
Neurons never dying,
Foundation relying,
Nexus knows no stasis,
Yet this stays the basis.
Stories live like fire,
That which may inspire.

[237] Something Familiar


Starting down this path,
One moment passed so fast,
Three years ago and more,
I’ve ventured out so far.
Too much to put into words;
The wonders and the struggles,
The descent and the climb.
Now and then, I wonder if
I’m ever to return?

Now I look ahead, and know that
As long as you are by my side,
I will always be home.


The wonderful musician that inspired me so, has filled me with passion to write and create my own beautiful works and journeys, has today just released the next album in this ethereal elemental journey. It is truly a thing of inspiration to me, and I think it’d be so amazing if you could check it out. ❤

[232] Scribbles


You ought think these all be
The crazed writings of a madman;
Have you looked withinside yourself?
Do you that the right to create meaning
From the scribbles of a stranger
Belong to your interpretations?
What is it you seek here?
Who’s truly mad?

It is for him, indeed, yet
He’s still taken to great care
To ritually share
Each little composition
No matter his disposition.

I would like to think
You’ll find something here.