[221] Haiku x13


to be one’s best self
cannot be without self love
or without self care

never staying put,
one’s always moving forward
there is no limit

perfection’s a thought
unattainable to us
still, we must strive on

don’t discount success
celebrate accomplishments
each one has value

failure’s not a curse
mistakes are not ultimate
if we choose to try

no one’s without faults
pretending they don’t exist
serves none of us well

belittling self
is opposite of our goal
to grow as people

fear, here, has no place
assuming all’s said and done
can’t hold any truth

nothing’s all for naught
no attempt is wasted time
learn from everything

don’t procrastinate
we have no reason to wait
never hesitate

mark each little step
write down each thing that gets done
see how far we’ve come

we will find ourselves
with momentum unforseen
given by our hand

keep moving forward
always know that it’s enough,
what it means to live


[211] Breaking Out


I can’t stay in
Any longer!
I cannot bare the feeling
Of rotting inside out,
Decay in an internal way;
It will not plague me still!
I’ll go down fighting
This broken machine
That is my body
Before it takes my mind.
I will not let my will be any less
Than the power of all else.

[101] I


I am afraid.

I guess when
I pretend that
I don’t feel that way
I don’t really help anything.
I can’t expect to move forward if
I can’t accept where
I have found myself.

I don’t know how you and
I are going to make this work.
I know that you and
I are strong together, and
I have faith in us. But,
I have fear, as well. And
I have felt so sorry for this.

I think you want me to see that
I shouldn’t be sorry for feelings
I can’t control, expected feelings
I have known were a part of the deal.
I understand. It took time before
I could see this, but
I think it’s clear now.

I am afraid, but
I can move forward.

I am afraid, but
I am more than that.

I am afraid, and
I am alive.