[365] I Could Write It Down


I’ll never remember everything I said that day.

So many shadows cast by shapes
Set only there by me
In a time
A cycle away from
Where we find ourselves today.

I’m not afraid of this dark
I find myself in.

Someday, you’ll hear the words
Filled with promises I don’t recall
Word by word, but
I know of their heart,

Just like I know yours.
Just like I know when I lay to rest,
You will rise again.

You will read these words,
Just like each before.
I remember a promise
To take this one moment
And write it for myself.
And from one, came two.


[359] More


Impure, yet
Allure set
By imperfections
Closing in by seconds:
I want to say something in time.
Something that will express what I need to.
Something that describes all the ways you
Are more than what you credit yourself for.
I’m no different,
But feel like far less;
Waiting out this darkness, waiting for…

[350] Reaching Out


You waited for the moment
The numbers aligned
To that familiar place
That you couldn’t describe.

A bridge you gave to someone far away.
A thousand miles, but further still
In regards outside sheer distance.

A bridge not to you. Such they sought.
Ought they not trifle with your vision, however.

You had enough trouble seeing yourself right.

Ought they look across the way
Into that thick, ceaseless opaqueness.

Yet to break away, but remind you of a self
That you could not accept. It was not true.
It was not you. You didn’t deserve that, you say.

You wrote far away, but they found you anyway
And followed in these steps, still ever past the day
You were finished with it all. Alone in that fog,
They knew for once that they must walk on.

[304] Random


I cannot bare to believe
Of a cause not born from effect;
I can’t begin to conceive
Of these laws tending towards neglect.
There is chaos we cannot see though
But our eyes and our mind are to blame.
When you see all’s slanted by you,
You must know the world’s not the same
As what may sense the pattern could be.
But if it’s not random,
Is this choice
My own?

[301] Radiance


You are my shining star,
So radiant and warmth-giving,
Exothermic love everliving,
Or so it seems to the beholder.
Some may stray very far,
Mistaking your gift for them
As something always certain;
Never reduced to smolder.
They may assume you are
An independant source.
That’s no one’s truth, of course;
No one needs not a shoulder.
Don’t be reduced to char;
Please don’t neglect your own soul,
The core’s most bright when you’re full.
Alone, we’ll just grow colder.
Hold with me to the bar,
Pull me in; I’ll surround you,
Sharing this warmth between two.
Together, we’ll grow older.