[241] Instrumental


I can hear something in
These tones that no words
Can alone portray;
Still unknown I say
Are the tones we use in words
And how much more they give
Each other.


[154] Sublimate


Hollow words
Filled with nothing
Spoken habitually
Almost ritually
But without
Then they
Would appear
On the surface layer
But the intended recipient
Will see straight through it all
Shattering the thin delicate veil
Exposing shallowness’s source
Showing an apathetic nature
That has slowly replaced
The passionate fire
That burned
Will words
Like the same
Be enough to fill
The resulting void
Without a promise
Not to forget why
We say them…

[102] Haiku x6


glyphs cast change on word
characters changing charting
and spoken chatting

letters and numbers
monograms and numerals
typing, writing script

cast caligraphy
cursive, curving, crisp and crossed
cipher creation

word etched into stone
clay turns to metal and glass
word etched in tablets

fonts form for new form
from alpha to omega
finding further feel

books are none without
symbols stolen, shared, so on
telling their own story