[295] Justified


Why dare they lie,
When never did I
Say it wasn’t fine,
What they had to tell me?
They knew and led me on
Just to let me down
Letting me believe
Falsehoods damaging,
Wasting time and breath,
Faith sentenced to death,
Just to run from something
I never condemned.

But now it’s been done,
And may my wrath be justified?

I cannot take anyone apart like that,
Yet don’t fear taking it out upon myself.
These are things we cannot take back,
But they never needed to be at all.
Now someone must take the fall.

Now neither they or I
Can say that we feel justified,
And upon all which they have lied
Can either or any be surprised
If trust is something to have died?

I wish they’d prove elsewise.


[65] Patches


Pretending it isn’t there
Didn’t hide it from me,
Doesn’t make it go away,
Won’t make you feel better.

Patching up the little lies
With silence or denial
Thinking while I’ll overlook
These little holes again?

I want you to tell me
Even if the problem is me
Because I assume the worst
When I’ve nothing else to go with.

I never forced you to stay;
But you don’t see it that way.