[148] Sense and Scents


The smell of your presence
Is all I need
To bring me to my senses,
Because I know
It means I won’t face this alone.


[140] Infectious


To innocents, his insolence,
Sans interest, his indolence,
In dependence of invitation,
Inattentive to given information,
Insinuating our ill intent
In an effort to get his way?
No acceptance without incident,
No exception, every day.
The inflammatory insults
Insisting our incompetence
Remain uninterrupted;
In the interim, this same interval,
He indicates an insufficiency
Internal to his inability
To overcome instinct and intuition
That we’re expected to fill?


But we’re out of patience now.

[133] Outside


How long can I stay away?
So much less fear in here.
Nothing I know’s exposed,
Nothing I feel seems real.

No one but me.
But unblinded, I still see.

Blood is still red,
And time always flies.
Lost things stay dead,
But time never dies.

Still without you.
Hiding away, nothing’s new.

I’ll open the door again.
I have to, if I want to continue.
And I do.
So do you.

You show me your hands were never tied;
You’ve been waiting for me on the other side.

[97] Sierra


Everything is the same.
Everything is unfamiliar.
Something we have is new.
Something we had gone again.
Nothing we want ever stays.
Nothing we hate is rid of.
Anything I try helps nothing!

I need you here.
You need your rest.
I need some time.
You need me close.
I need to be okay.
You need me to be okay.

I am the seer of sadness
And say something of sorrow
To slither from sense
Further south into solitude
So to steer away from serendipity.

Seven days of many seconds,
Eighty-six thousand four hundred,
So many of these weeks have passed,
Each feeling like a wasted breath.

With only four-thousand breaths,
And that of estimates is best,
What am I after this fourteenth?

Seven, seven, on to heaven,
A place I’m never ready for.

And that’s only if I’m lucky.

[96] Uniform


Why do we have to
All be the same?
Why do we have to
Be part of this?
Aren’t we stronger
Adding to a whole
As individuals?

I pulled away,
Thinking I could
Do this on my own!
I pulled away,
Jumped from the edge,
Knowing I could fly.

The flock staring down
For a moment or two,
And then not minding again
As I was now an alien
Falling from their nurture.

You’re fading.
You’re fading.

I have to make this work now.
Where am I falling?