Crimson Reflection

She didn’t realize
How much
Everything hurt
Until the blood
Was everywhere
And she was trying
To stop it
But it just kept
Coming on
Just like him
Just like him
He kept
Coming on
If it
Coming on.

Crimson drops,
Streaming down,
Frantic heart,
Useless tears,
A promise
To herself
That she knows
She will break
To never do this

She tells herself, one last time,
How she’ll never feel love again.
Not because no one loves her,
But because she could never open up like that
To anyone
Ever again.

A gift for you

I write this, waiting,
Patiently? Or anxiously?
For the bell to ring:
Everyone’s signal to leave,
But also mine, for another purpose.
I don’t know for sure
What I’ll say to you.
Do I wish for time to slow,
Or do I wish for that moment
To be now?

I want you to know.
Maybe not that I love you,
Though I do very much,
But that I want you
To be happy.
I just hope you’ve known
Those notes weren’t a mistake.
They were for you.
Will you know it was me?
12 minutes…

Rehearsing what to say
Is futile.
It just needs to come
From the heart.
I don’t want to seem
Like a creep,
Like I’m taking advantage of you,
LIke any of this is a lie…
I want you to know the truth.
8 minutes.

I’ll give you the gift.
7 minutes.
I’ll tell you it’s for you.
6 minutes.
That, I want you to have it.
5 minutes.
I hope I’m right.
4 minutes.
I hope this is the right thing to do.
3 minutes.
Relax yourself. All is okay.

2 minu-

Wait, the bell?
She’s going, she’s
Walking away…



Not this time.
I will not stay silent
As I have
So many times before.



“I want you to have this.”
Oh, thank you!

She leaves.

A merry Christmas
It shall be.

Violence in Place of Serenity

I stand here, holding you,

In the cold, by a raging ocean

Troubled by the stormy skies.

I with the shattered skin,

And you with tattered body,

We think of her together.

And I honestly wonder

What in the world

I can say to her,

If only to make me feel

For just one day

A little less alone.

In place of love,

Calmness, and tranquility,

Is the roaring chaos

And the tension of this anxiety.