[238] Haiku x14


see this concrete wall
it appears unbreakable
to all things but time

notice how the world
may or may not still be there
when you shut your eyes

walk forward blindly
what if you never collide
with an obstacle

wish this world goodbye
travel ever deeper down
down into the dream

forget directions
you don’t know “down” anymore
or where you came from

recollect a dream
or a moment, relive it
over and over

this happened before
or did it? you can’t recall
is this even real?

could you find the words
to describe the place you’re in,
how it makes you feel?

let this paradox
consume everything

words lose all meaning
disintegrate into glyphs
imagined meaning

drift through empty space
nothing here to grab onto
to change direction

pushing will not help
no control here anymore
save your energy

drained of energy
drift into a deeper sleep
all else disappears

wake upon the snow
there’s no context to be found,
just a concrete wall


[200] It’s Raining Again


I walk
Through the house,
And change
Every calendar,
Each time
I glimpse
Your name.
You’ve been waiting for me
Just like you have
However, this time
I’ve been waiting for you, too.
Your name
I glimpse
Each time
The memories
Come back.
Through everything,
I walk.

[193] Cognizance


Aware of each passing moment.

Each second.
The next tick,
Next beat, quarter note
Of the song in my head
Playing on, without end.
Maybe if I listen on,
I’ll get lost in my thoughts,
And fall into a serene sleep.
Fall as gravity pulls me down,
Or does it not pull at all,
But play out as a moment,
Just as we fall through time?

Each minute.
The red numerals
Change again; among the dark
They are a harsh truth,
Illuminating how long it’s been
Insinuating I’ve looked again,
Instead of kept my head down.
Counting on, and listening,
The music still persisting,
The wonders keep on listing,
Mind wandering, insisting:
Just fall beyond the edge.

Each hour.
The restless silence
Is filled by my mind,
And spilled by my mind
Are emotions of every kind;
I’m loving, then hurting,
Overwhelming my exhaustion,
And time can’t be stopped,
The space overfilling,
I’m further far failing
With every passing feeling
Just always falling to dread.

Awakening not to morning light,
But aware it is there–
I finally fall asleep.

Unaware, I am free.

[140] Infectious


To innocents, his insolence,
Sans interest, his indolence,
In dependence of invitation,
Inattentive to given information,
Insinuating our ill intent
In an effort to get his way?
No acceptance without incident,
No exception, every day.
The inflammatory insults
Insisting our incompetence
Remain uninterrupted;
In the interim, this same interval,
He indicates an insufficiency
Internal to his inability
To overcome instinct and intuition
That we’re expected to fill?


But we’re out of patience now.