Signs of things to come...

Hello. Welcome to Pathfinder. This project started out as a simple idea for a gift, and has become so much more than that. This is a nine-part story dedicated to my favorite musical artist in the world: Kubbi.

On February 5th, 2015, he released the album Ember. This story is a response to that very soundtrack. Each part of this story correlates with a song from Ember, and is correspondingly named. Pathfinder is an adventure that I hope you will enjoy. Thanks so much to Kubbi for releasing this amazing and inspiring creation. If you enjoy what you hear, please go give your support to him.

I’d also like to thank Emily Pineau of Nilly Writes for reviewing and helping me edit and being very supportive throughout the process of writing this.

The story corresponds with the soundtrack. I highly encourage listening while you read. The line breaks indicate the pace you should read with the music. Longer groups of words should be read with more energy and speed. You will get a natural feel for it as you listen (although don’t obsess over it, this isn’t necessary to understand the story itself). NOTE: THIS IS ALSO BEING WORKED ON SO DON’T WORRY ABOUT IT, I GOT YOU COVERED SOON

This story was officially released as of June 25th, 2015. I am very, very happy with how it came out. I dearly thank you for reading. Every bit of support means a lot to me. I sincerely hope you enjoy. ~<3~



Two souls living
A vast distance apart
Both in need of someone
To heal their heart.

One a passive soul
With passion to create,
The other an active presence
Wishing to shape its own fate.

Each one is just as powerful
As anyone could be,
But each must open a door
To which the other has a key.

So living in this world,
On each other they depend.
Together, they would have power
To make it to the end.

Observing these two souls
Existed an extradimensional entity.

It habitated a space beyond the one we know,
Another dimension extending past our own.

Here, the being could see everything in our universe
And with its immense energy, alter the fate of anything.

This amazingly powerful one liked to be known as
The Watcher, The Spirit, The Pathfinder.

With power to move through space and time,
The Pathfinder found the love to explore.

In a vast icy plane bearing an eternal flame,
The Pathfinder found home, and the love of warmth.

Its favorite place to see was a world that we call Earth,
The Pathfinder found the love of our home.

Among souls like these, who needed it most
The Pathfinder wanted to help them find love.

Releasing waves of energy,
The Pathfinder reached out to them;
The passive and active forces worked
At powerful, harmonic frequencies.

The Pathfinder would find a way
To create a bridge across the gap
Of our spatial universe
Through this dimension of pulsating energies.

This path would bring them through its world,
Teaching them the things that they’d need
To reach their final destination,
Which only The Pathfinder knew of.

Alone, they’d never find the way.
They’d be hopelessly lost in the dark.
But together, they’d have all they need
To help them find the path to love.

To build a path, The Pathfinder
Used aspects of the passive soul’s mind
Reconstructing a labyrinth with its thoughts and dreams;
This is where they’d leave their world behind.

Because souls are never perfect,
Each one had things to be taught.
The passive soul would learn a lesson
Showing a world unlike previously thought.

To build a path, The Pathfinder
Found a world as beautiful as the active soul
A vast, unique environment of coexistence
In which everything played a role.

Because souls are never perfect,
Each one had to be shown.
The active soul would discover why
You don’t need to be alone.

And here, at the end, The Pathfinder would wait.
Waiting for them to arrive to their destination.

Throughout this journey, this would remain their goal,
An answer to The Pathfinder’s invitation.

What awaited them at the end of the road?
What would they discover in this collective creation?

Would they be strong enough to make it all the way,
Or would they give in to their hesitation?

In a quest to find an answer,
Would they find a relation?

There would most certainly be much deep energy and warmth,
And plenty of chances for exploration.

The Pathfinder completed the connection
By creating a link to their universe.
And though on Earth, they were so far apart
These doorways would bring them to the same place.

The final step was to make them each aware
Of these doorways that would bring them to these worlds.
Each place would have purpose, a lesson from the spirit,
Connected with links in The Pathfinder’s space.

They would find each other somewhere
So completely out of this world,
Yet deeply intimately binding
So they wouldn’t dare leave each other’s side.

It wouldn’t take all that long
For them to forget reality.
In this new universe, all was amazing
And they weren’t abandoning this ride.

Two souls living
A vast distance apart
Both in need of someone
To heal their heart

Are given opportunity
To see the other side.
It will all depend
On what they decide.


A sky of crisp cerulean,
The sunlit clouds, vermilion,
Frosted grass, light aquamarine
Spruce trees hold their deep pine green.

The sun’s rays, vibrant, bright yellow,
The eastern horizon of indigo,
Empty branches, brown and tan,
Snowflakes fall of light cyan.

Walls painted unsaturated grays
Lit orange by the setting sun’s rays
A cold and windy winter’s eve,
A sunset’s beams through the forest weave.

Through the cold and down the road,
Zeina took in the colors as it snowed.
He knew most others would hide away,
But he had to see the hues of today.

He, the passive soul, had passion to create
And colors of paint served as his outlet.
Zeina drew anything he found beautiful,
And to make it full, he’d draw from his soul.

There was only one thing he’d ever wished for.
Even with a whole world of color to explore,
He just wanted someone to genuinely care,
And with whom he could create for, to share.

It was something that he’d never had.
He was quiet, he was shy.
Zeina was solitary in his thoughts.
To stand out? He’d never try.

Zeina didn’t feel all that special,
As no one had ever told him so.
No matter what, he’d always draw.
It would help if someone believed in him, though.

It didn’t matter now, it was all irrelevant…
He never wanted to think of all his problems in the first place.
As hard as he tried, his feelings wouldn’t relent.
He couldn’t find a way to settle his pace.

His heart cried for love that it’d never once seen,
People never noticed someone so invisible.
He was supposed to feel so relaxed and serene,
But inside, Zeina yearned to be noticeable.

He would try so hard to let go,
But he knew what his passion was, so
He wanted to attempt to find
A reason to feel so inclined

To draw for them, to feel like he
Had purpose here, and wanted to be
A little less shy, a little more open.
Maybe he’d love himself a little more then!

Zeina still walked, contemplating this.
He just tried to block it all out.
He wanted to enjoy reality for what it is,
And not get tangled in self-doubt.

He could just now see the place he called home.
It wasn’t anything grand or impressive,
But with Celtic designs and influences of Rome,
There was no better place for him to live.

He switched his focus to the sky
And made himself see the beauty all around!
He wished to paint it, and maybe someday
Someone to give it to would be found.

He dreamed of someone who loved
To see all of these brilliant shades
Of red and crimson, and to watch
As each and every color fades!

Zeina relished in the dream
And wished what he had from the start:
That maybe there was somebody who would seam
This great big hole in his heart.

Coming to his door, he reaches for a key
Only there is none to be found.
As he lives alone, he’s scared suddenly,
Until he hears a strange sound.

The door clicks
Slowly swings open
More curious than scared,
Zeina slowly walks in.

The house is empty,
No one is here,
Except for Zeina, who for some reason
Doesn’t really fear.

But who opened the door?
Surely not a robber.
“Hello?” he says, quietly,
And he didn’t expect an answer.

But then with wonder
He feels deep waves of energy
And sees bright colors in ways
He’d only imagined them to be!

And then he realized
That he had seen this all before.
It was his own,
Only that this felt like so much more!

Straight from his thoughts
These were the colors of his mind!
The vibrant values
Were so intensely well defined!

And in the center
Was a shape that slowly pulled him forward,
It had crystal purity,
And now he was falling toward!

The world felt like it turned around,
Everything felt so upside-down,
The rainbow flashed these colors pure,
Like amber, rose, and deep azure.

With yellow and vermillion,
And indigo, cerulean,
Bright orange, cyan, fuchsia, green,
A vibrant red, aquamarine.

And just as quick as it all began,
Everything settles down.
However, this did leave one small change:
Zeina is nowhere to be found.

Maybe someone should be worried, but
Who does he have to do that for him?
The door’s still open, letting in the cold,
As the last of the colored lights dim.

Wherever he is now,
To anyone who remembers,
You can still feel his presence,
Like a burnt out fire’s embers.


Run away,
For yourself.
They’ll never understand.
Give love.
Feel none.
What’s the point of trying?
Friends care.
They don’t.
Does it help to trust?
Feel hot,
Feel cold,
What is real warmth?

She is running with the wind,
Lets it take her anywhere.
The sky is clear, the air is hot,
It’s hard to see beyond the glare.

She’s running far from everyone.
From our world, sprinting, she leaves.
Letting nature make her path,
Pyra through the forest weaves.

She loves it here.
The trees and flowers welcomed her.
The birds singing
Melodies unlike any other.

The sound of life…
The feeling of the connection…
When Pyra hurt,
The forest was her protection.

Running for comfort,
Running for freedom,
Pyra would never be betrayed again!
No one could ever
Let her down like this
If she didn’t give trust, if she didn’t befriend.

She didn’t need them all.
She just wanted to be alone!
No one could really understand the type of girl she was.
Care about her dreams?
No, they mocked them instead.
She was tired of people saying that she had a worthless cause.

The forest was her dream, her life.
She wanted to explore.
She knew for sure it was her passion,
Nothing she loved more.
But from these friends, most every day,
She’d constantly endure,
“You’re weak!”
“A girl?”
“Just give up.”
Well, no more.

“You’re wrong!” she’d screamed,
“You just don’t understand. Shut up, okay?”
Shouting, “I’ll do this without you!”
Was the last thing she would say.
And maybe if she’d waited,
They’d have asked Pyra to stay.
She didn’t give the chance to them.
By then, she’d run away.

She’d explore by herself.
She didn’t need anybody’s guide.
Pyra felt fine,
Although, it still seemed to sting on the inside.

“I’ll be okay.”
The comfort she tried to condone.
It didn’t work…
Could she really bare being alone?

Run away,
For yourself.
The voices knew the truth.
Give love.
Feel none.
She trusted them the most.
Friends care.
They don’t.
They all hated her.
So hot,
Wanting someone to care…

She was finished with it all.
She was just done.
She’d hereby declare
That of this, she was aware.
Pyra was still running,
So hot yet never-ending,
She didn’t even notice
She was falling, descending!

To grasp the situation,
Pyra spun herself around.
She was falling straight downwards,
But the bottom wasn’t found.
Everything felt sideways,
Trees grew straight out of the cliff.
And moments later, underwater,
She swam up to catch her breath.

Tired, breathless
Shivering hard.
Dizzy, fainting,
Have to hold on.
Colors, sounds,
Become so blurred,
Falling, falling,
Have to hold on…

The heat from her body,
The cold of the water,
The energy of anger,
The exhaustion of running,
The active presence,
The fiery soul,
She wants to believe…
She wants to feel warmth!

Pyra tries to stand,
She barely keeps her balance.
She tries to run again,
But trips and hits the ground hard.
She gets up again
Despite the scrapes and cuts,
She was going to make it,
Didn’t care if it scarred.

The voices cried, “You’re weak!”
She ran, despite it all.
The voices cried, “A girl?”
She would wear the queen’s crown.
The voices cried, “Hopeless…”
Because they didn’t understand.
They all told her to give up.
“I will never stay down.”

The forest stayed silent.
She slowed her pace.
Something was peculiar.
Something out of place.

And that’s when it struck her:
She felt gravitated.
The wind became stronger and stronger until
She found herself rising, flying, levitated!

Colors flashed brightly,
Frequent sounds echoed,
Across the wide valley
And down the winding road,
Pyra found herself
In an absolute trance
In the striking beauty
Of the crystal’s dance.

With no control,
She let it take her in
Around the crystal,
The world seemed to spin.
Pulled straight out of
This world of her own,
Maybe she’d gotten her wish
To finally be alone.

She ran so she could live her dream,
She let the wind direct her journey.
It took her away, where is she now?
Would her friends search? Would they see?

She has run so far away,
From our world, sprinting, she’s out of sight.
The warmth she seeks is for inside,
She seeks, explores for firelight.


Zeina wakes.
“Where am I?”
Everything is still so bright…
Colors flash,
Sounds vibrate,
He is overwhelmed by light.

Pulsing waves
Shake the ground.
The world felt like it would crack.
Then he saw
Something else:
Another person, looking back.

Fiery soul, glowing eyes,
Ivory skin in lighter shades
Tall and thin and beautiful,
Her bright scarlet hair cascades.

Stressed, exhausted, shivering.
She looked like she’d been through a lot.
Zeina watched as she approached,
Wondering what to do with that thought.

“Who are you? What is this place?”
Pyra, quick to inquire, she is.
“I am Zeina,” he softly spoke,
“And I’m sorry, I didn’t mean for this…”

She must have seen how shy he was;
She calmed her tone a bit.
“It’s okay. But where are we?
I mean, this place, you know it?”

Yes, he did. It wasn’t new.
It was his own invention.
He’d never expected to see this place,
And it was never his intention.

“I don’t know how we are here,
But I know what it is, you see…
I thought of it so long ago,
An idea that’s now become our reality…”

“This is the labyrinth!”
Zeina said, with passion,
Probably more than he’d ever spoken with before.

After all, this was his dream come to life!
But not as small as he dreamed;
It was so much more.

Pyra asked, “But what is that?
In here, what’s there to find?”
Zeina told her his root thought:
“The labyrinth is a metaphor for the mind.”

“Here we find the thoughts and dreams
Of whoever’s mind it reflects,” he said.
“In that case, who’s mind is this?” she asked.
Before he could answer, the walls shifted.

“An opening! Let’s go, Zeina!” Pyra ran for the door.
“Wait– oh, um, okay…!”
He tried to catch up with her.
She was too fast, couldn’t keep up, couldn’t stay.

She sure seemed uplifted though, he thought to himself.
Happier than she was when they met.
Which made him wonder for the first time:
Where had she come from, and why she was soaking wet?

Down the hall, colors swirled, dancing around her,
He wanted to paint it, it was beautiful.
Red, green, blue, and– the girl.

“Wait, what’s your name?” he called out to her.
She’d stopped at a door, wondering what was inside.
“I’m Pyra,” she said, “And where’s this go to?”
“One way to find out, I suppose,” he replied.

They pushed through together,
As amazement filled their eyes.
Pyra was struck by the pure beauty,
And Zeina expressed his surprise.

They saw paintings of bright landscapes,
Yellow skies and violet dreams,
Emotions were expressed with color,
A feeling in every shape, it seems.

The room was moving, spinning, turning,
Colors flashing, changing, fading.
Pyra said, “This is all outstanding!
I love these paintings; your labyrinth’s amazing!”

Before Zeina could think of what to say,
The room began to change again.
More doors appeared, leaving a choice.
There were a lot; Zeina counted eleven.

“Which way now, Zeina? Where should we go?
Or we could just choose randomly.”
“I think I know– just hold on a moment…”
She then looked over, concernedly.

“Are you okay? What’s wrong, Zeina?”
“I’m fine, it’s all just a little overwhelming.”

Pyra could tell he wasn’t completely truthful,
She knew he wasn’t saying everything.

“You’re completely sure that you’re okay?
It’s okay if you don’t want to say.”
Pyra knew if she was him,
She wouldn’t say anything, anyway.

“It’s just that no one’s ever told me
That they thought those paintings were worth anything…”
Pyra then realized that he was the artist…
He quickly changed the subject, face reddening.

“Come on, follow me this way, Pyra.
I know which way to go.
We need to head down as far as we can.”
Pyra decided to trust that he’d know.

Quickly, Zeina chose to proceed
Through the only door that had no mark.
Each other had a number, but not this one.
A journey in which she was willing to embark.

Zeina could still hardly believe
That she’d appreciated what he had made.
Though, now that she knew it was his,
He thought her amazement would fade.

After all, no one had ever cared.
They’d only ever criticize.
Zeina only saw his imperfections,
And believed that soon, she’d too realize.

Normally too scared to lead,
Zeina still felt responsible.
Somehow, he’d brought both of them here,
So he had to help her get out.

She seemed to really like it, though,
No real desire to get back home.
She didn’t speak much of herself,
She’d just explore and roam.

He didn’t mind it at all himself,
No one would miss him, he was sure.
This place was straight out of his dreams–
But what had he been brought here for?

Pyra made him happy.
For once, he had a friend.
He almost didn’t want it to end…

Hours pass by,
They see the maze,
Through rooms of dark,
And pastel glaze.

She truly loves
All that he’s made.
He wishes to draw for her
The fiery cascade.


Columns of light
And shafts of dark,
They feel the energy,
They feel a spark.

She learns his passion,
He turns away.
She doesn’t understand.
He doesn’t know what to say.

She admires the drawings and paintings,
Colors spread across every hall.
Now, Zeina knows they’re getting close
To the center of it all.

She didn’t seem to understand
Why Zeina felt so shy around her.
She loved to explore his mind’s labyrinth,
Seemed a little upset it would soon be over.

Zeina didn’t know how to tell her
How much her admiration meant.
It made him very happy, but he didn’t know how
To handle this emotional descent.

He hoped she couldn’t tell he was distressed,
But didn’t understand how she couldn’t be.
He’d pulled Pyra away from her home, somehow,
But with all this, she seemed to be happy.

“I’m sorry, Zeina,” Pyra softly said.
“Pyra– for what?” he stuttered.
“…Are you scared of me, Zeina?”
“I can leave, if it’s what you preferred…”

“No, you don’t have to, I don’t want to be alone–”
He stopped himself, afraid she was going to.
“If you want me here, then I’ll stay,” she said.
“I honestly like it here, too.”

They both then silenced.
They’d made it to the center.
“This is The Compass;
Normally, here’s where you’d enter…”

She looked up from the bottom,
And simply stared in absolute awe.
She appeared to be at the bottom of a tower,
The rainbow of colors stretched as far as she saw.

From the bottom, she counted twelve floors;
It appeared each floor also had twelve doors.
“We have to get to the top of that?” she asked.
“Yes,” he says, and the labyrinth roars.

“Of course, I’m not entirely sure how,” he says,
“The stairs seem to be gone, I don’t know why…”
Then Pyra feels the wind pull upwards.
“That’s okay, because I think we’re gonna fly.”

Zeina was shaking a little bit.
Pyra saw that he was scared.
She held him close, to comfort him.
Unlike others, she really cared.

“Zeina, it’ll be alright.
I promise you won’t fall.”
She felt that he was scared of flying,
Ascending up this tower, so tall.

Zeina stood, shivering in silence.
It was true, he didn’t want to leave.
But maybe not for all the reasons
She was led to believe.

“I can let go if you want, Zeina,
If it helps you feel better…”
Zeina, at a loss for words,
Tightly wraps his arms around her.

Now, Pyra certainly didn’t expect
To receive such apparent affection.
With anyone else, this wouldn’t happen,
But she felt like his protection.

She’d never been quite so open
To anyone like this, as she could remember,
But now to Zeina, who she barely knew,
She felt calm in his warmth, like a radiant ember.

“I’m terrified
Of what’s above.
Of what we’ll see,
Here in the mind of…”

“You,” she said,
“And that’s okay.
We can head back now,
If you prefer to stay.”

“No…” he replied,
“I want to let you free.”
Scared of what she will see,
Is he what she wants him to be?

Each of these sections stood for
The thoughts by which he was defined,
And now, they lifted off the ground,
Through every element of Zeina’s mind.

Fire, red, was symbolized by “nu”.
The passion burning in his soul.
The fiery cascades, the beautiful landscapes,
The things he wanted to make him whole.

Life came next, also known as “no”,
The vibrant orange amplified
A life at home, in solitude,
A life spent alone, feeling empty inside.

Energy, “tu”, was bright yellow,
Everything here was in constant motion.
A thousand sunsets that he had seen,
Pulsing waves add to the commotion.

Reality, “su”, was solid chartreuse,
And showed his world, his little town,
The walking folk, who never smiled,
Trapped in a place he felt so down.

Earth, “ta”, was a happy green.
It showed his love for the natural.
For him, home was his safe haven
Among the woods, and light snowfall.

Time was “ru”, aquamarine.
She saw his deepest memories.
Every time he was ignored,
The cries for love that no one else sees.

Ice was “tsa”, the light cyan,
The silent snow was freezing cold,
With every flake that hit the ground,
He painted softly with bristles gold.

Spirit, “fu”, a deep azure.
It calmly came to signify
The wonder of when life would change,
If anyone else could see this sky.

Water, “te”, a deeper blue,
Showed him in his hopeful, faithful state,
She saw now all he really wanted
Was somebody to love, for who he could create.

Dream was “sa”, flowing violet,
An amazing look at the vast surreal,
He dreamed of a labyrinth, but never expected
He’d someday discover that it was real.

Wind was “tra”, magenta skies,
The display of his thrills and fears,
To color the world, but hide away,
To open up, but avoid the tears.

Space came final, it was called “ku”.
Colored rose, weightless, questions do arise:
Would he find love? Should he even try?
She saw her reflection in his future’s skies.

Finally, at the top,
She saw the spinning crystal.
Zeina, so full of emotion,
Couldn’t stop the tears at all.

She truly felt compassionate
For all the loneliness and doubt.
She held onto him with one arm,
And with the other, to the crystal, reached out.

Nu, no, tu, su, ta, ru,
tsa, fu, te, sa, tra, ku,
Elements of every
Mind and soul, here, shine through.

Pyra touched the crystal,
And the world vibrated.
The labyrinth changed minds, and
His and her souls traded.

Now the labyrinth is hers,
And it shows her memories.
Pyra has to end it
Before he, Zeina, sees.

She brings his hand out to
Touch the labyrinth’s crystal,
And they fall through again,
Out of there, the mind’s world.

Zeina slowly starts to
Open his eyes, and finds
He’s alone no longer,
To his feelings, resigns.

Pyra now the one who’s
Crying, tightly hugs him.
Zeina holds her, closely,
As they reach the overworld.


Softly shaking,
Body aching,
Day is breaking,
Slowly waking…

Beneath the evergreen,
Pyra stares up at the sky.
The trees waved free, in open air,
The air is warm, birds fly high.

Was she back in her forest?
That’s what it began to seem.
Where was Zeina? Was he okay?
Was it all just a dream?

Pyra sees her leg, sees it cut,
She is still exhausted.
Trying to stand again,
Nearly keeps her balance, but lost it.

Right before she falls again,
Zeina jumps out to catch her.
He hurts his arms, but doesn’t mind,
Faces blushed, they look at each other.

“Hey,” he says, “You okay?
Did you sleep alright? I’m sorry.”
Pyra, still in shock, stutters away,
“You’re here– don’t worry– where are we?”

“We left the labyrinth. You held me.
We came here… you were crying.
I stayed with you so you could rest,
And you fell asleep where you were lying.”

“How long was I asleep?” she asks.
“Awhile, half a day, or more.”
You seemed really exhausted and all…
The cuts too, and you must feel sore.”

She’s concerned by it, and he sees.
“Don’t worry, you needed it.
“I’ve been enjoying this vast forest.”
He was being honest, she could see it.

Pyra waits for him to say more,
But he is silent, waiting for her lead.
“Well, then where do we go now, Zeina?
What is it that we need?”

“I’m not sure,” he said, “This is new.”
I’ve never seen such a forest.”
She hadn’t either, but that made it better.
“Alright, then let’s explore it.”

She rises to her feet again,
This time keeps herself stable.
She walks slowly at first,
As much as she is able.

She leads them through the forest,
And now, she knows they’re somewhere unique.
With trees and animals of variety,
What destination does she seek?

Down another winding road,
Following the wind, as she always does.
Zeina follows her, closely behind.
She wanted to trust him, because…

He never once made fun of her for this.
He was willing to follow her all the way.
He, like her, enjoyed the beauty, too.
She began to wonder if he would stay.

Zeina would love to paint these hills.
He’d love to draw the birds in the sky.
Pyra admired him, hoped he knew now
That it was really worth it to try.

She, herself, knew just as well
The feeling of wanting someone to trust in.
She wanted to open up to him, she really did,
But she was scared to be hurt again.

The minutes passed, but at last,
An opening was coming.
Pyra exploring, Zeina dreaming,
An experience that they were both loving.

Pyra runs for the open sky,
Zeina tries to tell her to stop.
“Wait, Pyra, hold on, you’ll fall!”
She halts, a second away from the drop.

Fjords and mountains, organic feeling,
Water lakes, trees scrape the sky.
They gazed across the miles of beauty,
Here, atop this cliff, so high,

“Oh my gosh,” she says,
As Zeina catches up with her.
“This is… wow,” he says,
“Unearthly, a sight like no other.”

And in the distance, Pyra spotted
Something else standing out:
A giant, towering, rock formation.
“I think we should check that out.”

“Oh wow,” he says, “That’s really tall.
Most definitely not natural.”
“Yeah,” she says, “So let’s go!”
And they begin to descend the steep hill.

They carefully climb down,
And watch the wind flow through the trees,
It makes her feel so happy,
This was her home, she follows the breeze.

Zeina, afraid of heights,
Tries to focus on the beauty,
He finds himself looking down at her,
She fits in with this all, he could see.

The euphoric landscape
Seemed to converge at this tower,
She wondered if it meant something,
Or held The Compass’s power.

“Zeina!” she calls out,
“You okay with this? I know it’s pretty high.”
Zeina, silent for a minute, then says,
“Well… it scares me, I won’t lie.”

“But I want to follow you Pyra!
So please, don’t hesitate to continue.”
This honestly made her smile,
She felt he was honest, he was true.

It wasn’t so clear now
What she wanted anymore–
She’d wanted to be alone,
But now with Zeina, she wasn’t sure.

Here they were
Now on the surface,
From the labyrinth to the overworld,
They give each other purpose.

A forest, like on Earth,
But this one was truly different,
With species never seen before.
She wondered why here they were sent.

Now she has to find
Something that she has lost,
Something vital to them both:
Her ability to trust.

Reaching the bottom,
They see the tower’s domination.
They both begin to wonder…
Is this the final destination?


The ground began to flatten out;
Rocks were forming a disc.
Grass sprouted between smooth stones;
The trees made room for the obelisk.

Here, now, at the base of the cliff,
The tower ascends to the clouds.
The height, even to them now,
To their minds, confounds.

Pyra began to relax;
It would be okay.
She wanted to feel like
She didn’t have to hide away.

Zeina seemed calm and honest,
And he was kind to her.
Maybe even something more…
Or was it her who felt something more?

He had soft expression,
Black hair that fell straight down,
Shorter than her, by a small amount,
Amber skin, eyes umber brown.

The way he spoke was calm,
Now that he wasn’t as scared,
Because in the warmth of her firelight
Was someone who actually cared.

Zeina whispers, “Well, I suppose
That we’ve said this a lot as of late,
But this sight is absolutely amazing.”
To that, she could relate.

They approach the massive structure.
“Alright,” she says, “Here we are…”
And as she set foot on the stones,
It activates The Cairn.

The ground then softly shook.
The two of them advance.
The symbols begin to glow.
The Cairn holds them in a trance.

Zeina notes, “It feels a lot like the Compass”
Maybe it has similar power?
Taking us to our next destination, that is,”
As they each lay a hand on the tower.

Cracks begin to form in the ground
As the shaking begins to intensify.
“Are we rising again?” Pyra asks.
Zeina says, “I suppose we’re destine to fly.”

Quicker than they’d thought would happen,
The earth they stand on starts to rise.
The stones pull straight up from the ground,
And everything else is pulled away from their eyes.

Zeina and Pyra fall to the ground
From the sheer force of the rising islands.
The overworld below them is out of sight,
To keep balance, they hold each other’s hands.

The stones, etched with symbols, were realigning,
All starting to form one large array.
The wind blasted down, but the stones remained suspended,
Dancing around each other in every way.

They began to form a path spiraling up The Cairn,
But the thin ledge didn’t suggest stability.
She yells, “Are we supposed to climb that!?
It seems way beyond our capability!”

As she said it, the ground around began to fall.
“We have no other choice! Come on, Pyra!”
He began to lead them up the precarious path,
As the stones kept spiraling higher up.

Zeina nearly slips,
She catches him quick.
“Are you sure we should do this?” she queries.
They both look down,
No longer any stable ground.
“I think we can do this Pyra, no worries!”

Half of the way up,
They pass through a cloud.
Her heart is beating
Heavier, faster,
She is scared,
And slips, nearly falling,
And can’t help but show this,
As she screams out loud.

“It’s okay Pyra! Just hold my hand!”
She listens to him, but at herself is upset.
She’s supposed to be brave, what’s gotten into her?
She doesn’t need help, she’s independent!

It’s times like this that she really wondered
Why and how she was here right now.
She loved to be here with him, but didn’t love the danger.
How much more could her body allow?

Beneath their feet,
The Cairn began
To crack into
Individual stones,
She tries to hasten
Her pace for Zeina,
But her body
No longer condones.

She begins
To fall again.
The world is spinning,
Blurring, fading.
She watches him,
As he saves her.
She’s too weak now,
Everything aching.

Zeina pulls her and him to the top
As the rocks from the Cairn realign themselves again,
They form a wider platform as the bottom dissipates,
Zeina tries to take the situation in.

The rising steadily slows its pace,
And Pyra hits the ground.
She curls up, and he can’t see her face,
As silence takes the place of the sound.

Zeina sits down;
His head hurts from the rush.
Pyra looks up at him,
Eyes teary, softly blushed.

Zeina tries to comfort her.
“We’re safe now. It’s okay.”
She sees that he’s scared too,
But that, he doesn’t say.

Feeling guilt, she looks down again.
And for the first time, sees now inscribed
An image spanning across the platform,
Movement made it feel alive.

Pyra slowly rises to her feet,
Zeina sees, decides to follow.
Etched in stone, a large mural,
Inside a large triangle’s hollow.

A maze to represent the labyrinth,
The Compass in it’s center, it was clear.
It showed the overworld that was below
And arrows marked their rise to here.

Above the platform, illustrated,
Were two birds that flew to the airborne crystal.
Looking up, they saw it’s shining.
Larger than before, she could tell.

“But how are we supposed to get there?”
Pyra asks, but Zeina has no words.
Thinking for a moment, he gets an idea,
And without a word, points down at the birds.

Pyra feels the wind pull at her again.
“It’s crazy, I know Pyra, but we must.”
The wind became stronger, it felt like a gale.
“Okay,” she says, “I’ll trust.”

They jump, and in seconds, the wind takes them free.
They rise with the force of a hurricane.
Spinning, swirling, looping, twirling,
The energy and feeling is completely insane.

Pyra feels she controls the winds,
And uses her thoughts to let them fly.
Zeina lets go of all his fear for her,
And lets them embrace the open sky.

The rocks too rise then, swirling around them,
All entering the crystal’s orbit.
Pyra heads above, and makes a downward dive,
And sees Zeina’s face, by the crystal, firelit.

She slows a little for Zeina,
So that she can take him in an embrace.
Together, they revolve around the crystal,
Looking now, they’re face to face.

Around and around, with the world they danced,
But unlike any other, it was truly enhanced
By the feeling of flight, it feeling so free,
And the clouds were all that they could see.

Together, they let themselves fall to the crystal.
Barreling toward it, like a missile.
She wondered where it would take them next.
She knew it would be nothing that either expects.

The intensity extreme, as the edge of reality cracks,
The energy was reaching an ultimate climax.
She tried to speak, but the wind sucked it out of her.
So to get her message across, they tightly hugged each other.

They fall through at the end,
Once again out of this universe,
The one in which she lived her passion
And finally broke out of her curse.

Pyra finally relaxed, because now
It would truly be okay.
With him, she honestly felt that
She didn’t have to hide away.

Zeina gave her something else, too:
She’d finally found her warmth.
The firelight she’d finally found,
Her reason to explore.


Silence in the warm embrace,
Eyes closed in dark, still face to face,
They float with stillness, empty space,
Neither of them knowing this place.

Fearless now, they wait for light,
To hear a sound, to see a sight.
Even here, darker than night,
For once, they truly felt alright.

Zeina was a passive soul,
Drawing beauty made him whole.
Shyness beyond his control
And loneliness did take its toll.

Pyra was the active one,
Passion burning like The Sun,
Wanting freedom, she would run,
Because with it all, she was done.

Into the labyrinth, the descent began,
His truth is revealed, and she offers a hand.
He starts to accept that himself, she finds grand.
The Compass activates, and it brings them to land.

Then, they ascend, see the overworld’s sky,
Watching the beauty atop the hills high,
She learns she can trust; it’s okay for her to cry.
She controls the wind, and they begin to fly.

Zeina held her, comfortable now.
She made him feel like he was revived,
Through the empathy that she had shown,
And together, all they had survived.

Pyra heard his breathing soft,
He, the one she now would trust.
Feeling closer every second,
Willing to do anything that she must.

Now, the lights begin to return,
And the two remain suspended in a sphere,
Around them, images began to form,
The places they’d been began to appear.

The labyrinth and the overworld,
The Compass and The Cairn were here.
Their homes, all the way back on Earth,
And the crystal in the center of the sphere.

They saw their homes and wondered
If anyone was missing them now.
They remembered being taken from reality,
But still didn’t have answers why, or how.

Would it be answered at the final destination?
Zeina and Pyra wondered the same.
If they proceeded forward, all the way to the end,
Could they return to from where they came?

Recently, their perspective of home had changed.
They found that strength and warmth in each other.
If they went back now, if they chose to separate,
Would they ever again be together?

They both knew now they felt something beyond,
Eternally gravitated, they polarly attract,
Through language that doesn’t need words,
They knew they were feeling the same thing, exact.

Zeina and Pyra looked at each other, in silence,
Knowing that they had to make a decision.
Asking each other what the other one thought,
Whether or not to follow intuition.

Zeina admires her flowing cascades,
Pyra sees reflection in his eyes.
They make up their minds together as one,
And to the crystal, the pair of them flies.

Energy of every imaginable frequency
Begins to radiate, the power of love and spirit.
Harmonious sounds and heartwarming feeling
An amazing experience just to hear it.

They watch their story unfold around them,
As they left this world!
To the final destination, they were heading,
As around them, their collective story swirled.

Each snowflake like an ember, dancing all around the sky,
The warming firelight was shining, flaming, energized,
The spirit, dreams, fell in cascades, to reality defy,
A compass pointing only forward, to journey and surprise.

An overworld of symbiosis, coexistent energy,
Its power was just like The Cairn, to build to the relation,
To make it to the end would finally set them free,
The souls were finally completing the ultimate restoration.

Slowing, calming,
Softly landing.
Solid ground now
Where they’re standing.

Warmth departing,
Crisp and cold.
Embers landing,
Fading gold.

Hand in hand,

Eyes closed,
Part of,
In love.


Two souls living
A vast distance apart
Both in need of someone
To heal their heart.

One a passive soul
With passion to create,
The other an active presence
Wishing to shape its own fate.

Each one is just as powerful
As anyone could be,
But each must open a door
To which the other has a key.

So living in this world
On each other they depend.
Together, they would have power
To make it to the end.

The Pathfinder observed
And guided these two souls.
Zeina and Pyra learned
From their journey through these worlds.

In a vast icy plane,
Bearing an eternal flame,
Was The Pathfinder’s home,
And final destination, the same.

A sky of black and midnight blue,
A mist of violet, cryptic dreams.
A deep echo of drifting wind,
Starlight, through the cold, beams.

The cold cyan of icy land,
The chilling breeze of wind, a guide.
The vibrant hues of fire ahead,
The warmth that resides deep inside.

The thoughts and dreams of Zeina.
His elements of the mind.
The wondrous hopes of Pyra.
Her will to seek, path to find.

Stillness and movement contrast, yet flow,
Light and the dark, fire and ice,
Life and the spirit, small and the vast,
Reality and dream, warmth in the cold, to entice.

To Zeina, her beauty lies in all.
She, the one that made him truly whole.
Passion now amplified, wants to give;
Give her love, share her life, draw her soul.

To Pyra, he was true, filled with warmth,
He, the one that put her high above.
Wanting to share with him her whole world,
Wanting to be with him; she’s in love.

Take a step, steady pace,
Slowly move, soft, with grace,
Embers rise, show him space,
Firelight, her hands trace.

Frequencies low and deep,
Holding hands, they would keep,
Feeling love, growing steep,
Ready to make this leap.

Heartbeat faster, warmth is stronger,
Pulling in closer, not much longer
Until they’re side by side, with the fire.
Until they’re even closer, flying higher.

The Pathfinder watches them, approaching now,
Wanting to send a message, but unsure how…
The Pathfinder waits and watches once more,
To see what had been waited so long for.

“Never have I said this, but now, everything has changed…
I’m so happy to share this with you, Pyra,” said he.

“This is all I ever really wanted, Zeina, honestly.
You, the only person ever to truly accept me,” said she.

“If this is the end of our journey, what shall happen now?
Is there something we must do to proceed?” asked Zeina.

“I’m so grateful for all of this, but I still truly wonder,
What brought us together? How are we here?” asked Pyra.

The Pathfinder saw this perfect harmony,
Now determined to teach one final lesson.
The Pathfinder believed in them, and was right.
They made it, led by their love and passion.

The passive soul, Zeina, with passion to create,
Accepted what she thought of him, accepted fate.
The active presence, Pyra, wishing to shape her own fate,
Would never be alone, and trust he did create.

Now existed mutual love, so powerful,
A bond that felt infinite, eternal.
With words unspoken, connected through the spirit,
The love was something for each to appreciate.

Now existed just one fear they shared.
They had no doubt that the other truly cared,
But now, they fear that this may be the end.
To be together, on mystic forces seemed to depend.

They didn’t want to leave now, not after all of this.
Through their adventure, no opportunity was missed.
Even at the final test, instead of turning around,
They still stepped forward, together, a destination found.

However, where was there to go from here?
Was it all up to this mysterious overseer?
Two souls in love, on each other they depend,
They dreaded the idea of there being an end.

“I love you, Pyra. Of this, I am sure.”

“I love you, Zeina. And we need nothing more.”

Face to face, close embrace,
And, somehow, fearless now,
Energy, synergy,
All they feel, always real.

The Pathfinder built up the power it had,
As the energy in this land awoke.
As Zeina and Pyra finally kissed,
With a thousand voices, The Pathfinder spoke,




No story ever ends,
As there’s never just one side.
Our story’s endless too,
So what shall you decide?


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