[144] Root


Think about
The unseen beginnings
Before the legendary works.

Never be without
The memories of those
That tell your story of growth.

When you look back on this,
Please don’t hide away in shame.
Praise yourself for your everstrength.

Writing a myriad is plenty,
But you’ll write twice as many,
And these are important as any.


[143] Celeste


Look to the sky with me.
The eclipse has passed.
The Sun and The Moon
Are again as they were.
But we down here,
Have changed somehow.

And many Suns pass,
And many Moons pass;
The light of each day
Hides all else away
As it outshines them all,
But it’s not what we search.

We seek the dark of night,
Devoid of any obscuring light;
Amidst the drifting of asteroids,
Along with tail-blazed comets,
Among the stellar space dust,
The space dust that makes us.

The black voids do not cooperate.
Seeking the truth, ironically,
Only brought me away from it;
Right in front of me, you showed,
If only we were to count the stars,
One by one, each moment in time.

Beyond the thousands we can see,
Billions cascade through spacetime,
And each one brought you to me.
And each one brought me to you.
Strings between stars bind us together;
This was always, and will be forever.

And when the Sun rises again,
And the blinding light returns,
And the stars are all obscured,
And we wish to explore the world,
You will be my compass,
And you’ll point me to the sky.

And we will fly.

[141] Thanataphobia


Thoughts existential,
Pushing against the idea of awareness
Of there being anything at all?

The mind fights back
When falling too far from reality.

Could nothing so easily exist?
Why is anything?
What would it be if it wasn’t?

Could nothing be without anything?
I feel I’m approaching something,
Something so much more than me,
Enlightenment far beyond physicality,

I’m pulled back
By Earth’s unrelenting gravity.

Is death weightless?

I’m pulled forward
By Time’s inescapable force.

Is death timeless?

I pull away.
I do not want to die.

Is death inevitable?

Where have I emerged from?
Why do I not remember before?
Will I forget everything after?
Can I promise forever if I don’t know?

Rationality tells me
Not to be afraid.

If in the end, I’m no longer,
I won’t recall to dread.
If in the end, I’m beyond,
I won’t be truly dead.

Regardless, all I can do now is live,
And share what energy I have to give.

Is it enough?

[140] Infectious


To innocents, his insolence,
Sans interest, his indolence,
In dependence of invitation,
Inattentive to given information,
Insinuating our ill intent
In an effort to get his way?
No acceptance without incident,
No exception, every day.
The inflammatory insults
Insisting our incompetence
Remain uninterrupted;
In the interim, this same interval,
He indicates an insufficiency
Internal to his inability
To overcome instinct and intuition
That we’re expected to fill?


But we’re out of patience now.