[89] Void


These very thoughts
Do not cooperate,
No constant shape
Or sense can be made.

I can’t find
Don’t know
What I am looking for.

What am I looking for?
Don’t know,
I can’t find

Not very constant.
Cooperate? No sense.
Or shape can be?
These thoughts made do.


[87] Welp


After eighty-six consecutive successes,
I finally found my first failure
As I fell into a deep sleep;
My exhaustion got the best of me.
I could set the scoreboard to 86-1,
Or I could call it the end!
But that seems odd to me
When I recall that this obligation
Came from none else than myself.
I can count on myself
To keep counting on.

[86] White Noise


Not darkness,
But grayness.
Not nothing,
Just mundanity.
Just be
Like all else?
Add to the noise,
Be nothing more?

We will be free!
For once stand out,
Even if for such
A brief moment!
This is our moment!
Rise above and sing!
We’re more than just noise!
We are the vibration
Of the universe’s tone.
Even if just for now,
This brief instant,
Don’t worry how long,
Let’s do what we can
While we can.