[96] Uniform


Why do we have to
All be the same?
Why do we have to
Be part of this?
Aren’t we stronger
Adding to a whole
As individuals?

I pulled away,
Thinking I could
Do this on my own!
I pulled away,
Jumped from the edge,
Knowing I could fly.

The flock staring down
For a moment or two,
And then not minding again
As I was now an alien
Falling from their nurture.

You’re fading.
You’re fading.

I have to make this work now.
Where am I falling?




[95] X-ray


Piercing through the sky,
Down to our eyes
Is the azure blue light.
It’s good fortune that sky
Closed the door on the rays
That would pierce through us,
Exposing any weakness.

They think they see through me
But that display’s a facade.
The simple-minded people
Don’t want to think in layers;
It’s more than black and white,
Most reality’s much grayer.

The colors of fatality
And deadly radiation
Are no more visible to eyes
Than radio transmissions,
Or life’s infared emissions.

They think they understand it
But know nothing of the soul.
It’s more than superficial;
These insides keep me whole.

Each particle or wave
Carries its little energies,
Or’s defined by them, respectively.

They think they know the difference
But know not that they’re the same.

Piercing through your soul.

[94] Echo


I called out to you,
Are you still with me?
And thought I heard
Your wonderful voice,
Though distant, respond,
With likewise greeting.

I ran into that darkness,
Devoid of light,
Unsteady terrain–
What was I thinking?–
I fumbled with my words,
And stumbled, falling forward.

This cave I was in once more
Was no brighter than before
In the times of memory.
All the fall served to do
Was open the scars to wounds.

This was not the greatest pain,
For I could not even proclaim
To find you once again.
You were gone, without a trace.

And though I chased,
I suppose I ran the wrong way,
For you’d moved on long ago.

Shouting into the past,
The only response is an echo.

An echo.

[93] November


Stop setting deadlines.
Stop expecting set times.
Stop letting dread climb
Into your work,
Through soil and dirt,
Upon your feet,
Through sock and cleat.

Holding so tight
With your grasp on the past
In all that you write,
Say, think, feel, and do.
You call out to “you”,
When I know you mean me.

Never letting go,
Letting ego take control,
With that sameness, you roll on,
Because to fight is to suffer,
And you feel too weak to live.

This month
Will roll over
And your feelings
Will spill onward, too.

You can’t run from time,
Because you tried that
Last month.

You know that isn’t
Ever the answer.

Even you know.

[92] Crickets


A soliloquy
I spoke,
And suppose
I stopped
To see
The silence
Had set.

That sound,
Or lack thereof,
Was so
Much like
I saw
A sight:

A light
A streak
A line
The sky.

These eyes,
They stared,
But I said
No more.

Still struck
With awe,
But no response.

No sudden stop
Or pause in this:

The astonishment’s stillness.