[1] One Moment, Please

Think about
What you thought about
When you weren’t without
a moment to yourself.

Walk about,
Leave the room, head out,
Tune their voices out:
a moment to yourself.

A man sits alone as the sun falls past him;
What time is he counting but the seconds in his thought?
The world drifts on, he’s pulled into the dusklight dim,
His memories are static, but the world’s got him caught;
His body drifts along with each and every rotation,
Inertia numbs the feeling; still, gravity’s a force.
But must his consciousness be bound to all the world’s sensation?
His body’s left to physics, but his mind is on his course.

How can he live without concern for this instant?
Why can’t you be with your mind and take a step away?
There’s such a paranoia, you can’t bare to be distant,
So all despite mental decay, you choose to stay, day by day.
You wish that you could be there for the people that you love,
Sacrificing health, putting your hurt and fear upon the shelf.
But empty cups will offer nothing nurturous to speak of,
And what fills you if you can’t learn to be one with yourself?

Think about
How you’ve come to doubt
That you’ve been allowed
a moment to yourself.

Walk about,
Leave at dawn, take your route,
Never again be without


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