[0] Aleph Null

Hi! Is anyone still here? Am I talking to myself? It’s all alright. It’s been about nine months since I’ve written anything for this site. Two weeks ago was the third birthday of Cryptic Dreams. I didn’t stop living life; there was a lot of life to live. However, I still wish to return to the place I started writing at all.

Today, 17 July 2017, I am starting project Aleph Null. Every day, I will write something and post it here, along with a picture. It will be numbered. And maybe I’ll do this forever. I have no idea. I’ve found for me it seems it’s better not to assume where something’s going to go before I’ve started it. I just want to take the journey and tell my stories as I promised to do three years ago.

What more is there to say…?

Well, let’s find out.



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