Safe Haven

You once held power.

Not because you wanted to,

But because your friends placed you there.

You once held power.

But they told you you weren’t good enough,

So you let it go, you gave it away, without much care.

Someone else took power.

And they went on to use it against you.

And they went on to turn all of your friends against you.

Your friends had the power

To stop it from happening. But they

Were too afraid that they would suffer your same fate.

I see it…

You’re a hurt soul,

Your trust has been injured…

I knew

Someone else like that,

But it was me that they ran away from.

To me

Is where you ran to.

And I took you in with open arms.

So am I

Your safe haven?

I don’t know why love, I don’t know why me.



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