Eleven times thirteen, one less than twelve squared. Helped me work out one of my number theorems. I mean, it was something that should have been obvious to me, but this is the number that led me to figuring that mystery out. It’s the kind of problem that’s really only interesting to me though, so I’m not going to bother explaining that.

One hundred forty-three. We write numbers really weirdly in text.

I keep thinking it out as “one four three” because I know what I’m really thinking when that number pops into my conscious thoughts.

One four three. But I won’t think of the actual words themselves, the meaning in the symbols 143. I think I’m scared to think that.

Isn’t it weird I’m hiding behind a symbol for a symbol, despite both of them meaning the exact same thing to me?

143, 143, 143, 143, 143. I do, I do.

And you send me… less than three.

But I know what that really means, it’s a <3.

But as you give me your <3,

I continue to wonder what that in itself really means.

143. I’m sure of that.

I just wish I knew how to know…



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