I love ~.

But do you know why I love ~?

~ is unique to me.

I love symbols in general;?$&♥♦♣♠!@`”§and the way we convey meaning*([{<%>}])^from the lines we draw upon parchment with our pencils, as writers. fm419911qxc7317, for example, is just a string of symbols that don’t to you inherently mean anything. Yet, somehow, my words around all of this “nonsense” conveys a message. How is it any different? Eplaixn taht to me. I wsih to konw. Qb lbh haqrefgnaq guvf?♫♪►☼

Also, what if I told you fm419911qxc7317 did mean something to me? Would you believe me, or just call me insane? Or both?####6174

“32145678 54382179 45789394 24692143 45612342 49999952 4417214 2469214”

Someone said that once. I don’t know what it means to them, but for some reason, I am confident it means something.

~ might not mean something particularly special to you. Or maybe it does.

But ~ to me is my identity.

And that is one thing

That no matter what happens

I will never



Let go.



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