A gift for you

I write this, waiting,
Patiently? Or anxiously?
For the bell to ring:
Everyone’s signal to leave,
But also mine, for another purpose.
I don’t know for sure
What I’ll say to you.
Do I wish for time to slow,
Or do I wish for that moment
To be now?

I want you to know.
Maybe not that I love you,
Though I do very much,
But that I want you
To be happy.
I just hope you’ve known
Those notes weren’t a mistake.
They were for you.
Will you know it was me?
12 minutes…

Rehearsing what to say
Is futile.
It just needs to come
From the heart.
I don’t want to seem
Like a creep,
Like I’m taking advantage of you,
LIke any of this is a lie…
I want you to know the truth.
8 minutes.

I’ll give you the gift.
7 minutes.
I’ll tell you it’s for you.
6 minutes.
That, I want you to have it.
5 minutes.
I hope I’m right.
4 minutes.
I hope this is the right thing to do.
3 minutes.
Relax yourself. All is okay.

2 minu-

Wait, the bell?
She’s going, she’s
Walking away…



Not this time.
I will not stay silent
As I have
So many times before.



“I want you to have this.”
Oh, thank you!

She leaves.

A merry Christmas
It shall be.


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