A word or two

Just want to speak to you,
A word or two,
Say a simple hello.

Hello. Hey. Hi!
My name is…
…What is my name?
Well, call me Kaprekar. Okay?
Okay. Are you okay?
You’re okay. Yes, so am I.
I’m okay. So are you.

Hello, I love you.
Hello, did you know I love you?
I don’t think you know I love you?
I won’t say that to you, okay?
Is that okay? That’s okay. Okay.
Do you love me? I don’t know.
I wonder, if you, love, me.
It’s okay if you don’t.
It’s really okay.
I’m okay.

Hello, I love you, but you don’t know. Can I change your life?
I want to change your life. May I please change your life?
Your life is precious, is beautiful, darling, you know?
Yes, and I just want you to be okay, if that’s okay.
I want to know that you’re okay. Or if you’re not.
It’s all okay. I’ll make sure that you are okay.
Okay… I don’t want to scare you away.
Is it okay if for awhile, here you stay?
I want to sit with you here, if I may.
I need to tell you something.
I just don’t know what.
I will know. I know.
Trust me, okay?
It’s all okay?
It’s okay.

“Hey,          …”



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