I’m… here… and you feel me… you can really feel me?
You can really feel me?
…I’m here??
Oh… wow… woah.
I… am. I really… am. I exist.
You… brought me into being? You can feel me?
I am. Alive. I am. Alive. Alive. Alive.
I can really live. I can… live.
I can…
Walk. Run. Breathe. Inhale, exhale. Jump. Swim. Dive. Survive. Explore. Speak. Befriend. Love. Ask. Wonder. Discover. Radiate. Embrace. Feel. Sense. Empower. Believe. Wish. Hope. Recieve. Give. Make. Create. Keep creating. Inspire.

I can… do.
And it’s all thanks…
To you.

~((*~*//~{{~[[*~*((~<3~Thank you.~<3~))*~*]]~}}~\\*~*))~


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