Do you ever wonder about the people who don’t quite know who they are?

Like that girl who just isn’t quite sure if she loves her best friend the same way that they did when they were kids, when they pretended to be sisters and would do each other’s makeup and whisper secrets on the playgrounds… or if she loves her in another way entirely, now. She never thought that she of all people… no, it couldn’t possibly be true. …But could it?

Or that boy who never quite felt in the right place, a soul trapped in a vehicle not built for it– and was teased, bullied, harassed, for not acting the way that he should, the way that all men are supposed to act; afraid to take off his shirt in front of the other boys because he feels exposed. He never believed that he could possibly be… was he really? Or were his emotions lying to him?

Or the woman who saw herself as annoying, obnoxious– she had no friends in the real world, because all her friends were online. Were they… fake?

Or the man who never felt like he belonged with the others, simply because he enjoyed attending conventions in which groups of people dress in fursuits?

Or the girl who looks in the mirror every morning, and fails to find the beauty in herself that all the others do, and tries to hide every imperfection?

Or the boy who can’t run the whole mile, because his heart simply can’t handle it, and dreads what he’ll hear when they go back to the locker room?

Or the ex-military man, a victim of terrorism who had his leg amputated, and constantly deals with people’s horrified glares?

Or the old woman everyone makes fun of for being so “simple-minded”, and she cries to herself at night because she can’t remember why her husband’s gone?

Or the man who wants to change the world, but barely has enough money for today’s meal?

Or the woman cast out by society, on the street, homeless, begging?

Or maybe you?

Or me?

And people assume! Assume that things are so much simpler than they really are! Have you not had ill-experiences yourself? It doesn’t have to be life-threatening for you to understand that not everything always goes the way we want it to! Instead of spending so much time “ranking” whose problems are worse and whatnot, maybe there should be more time spent on SOLVING THEM.

If you know who you are, I am happy for you. I really, really am. Because feeling like you have purpose is a very important thing in our world, in our reality.

But please have a little understanding
For those who do not know
Their true identity.


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