Obsession II

No, no. I know. I get it. I am actually as terrible as you think. Give me a mirror, show me my flaws, day after day. Yes. I know.

Whether it’s “self-obsessed” in an “ignorant” way, or an “obsession with someone “else in a “creepy” way, I am always “obsessed”. If every thing I ever say, think or do leads to you drawing that conclusion, then maybe I am obsessed.

Obsessed with numbers? More like obsessed with people now, right? Or maybe it’s just you. Maybe everyone else in my life is a cover-up. Does that scare you? Should it? Why do you think I have the answers?

Move on? Yes, you think I haven’t tried? You think that isn’t what I’ve been trying to do, forever? Or is it just me being “overdramatic” again? Don’t worry, you surely aren’t the only one who thinks so. Maybe that’s why nowadays, I come across as so “unfeeling” to you, too. And maybe I don’t know whether it’s easier to try to accept and trust, or to shut you out and try to start over again. But that just brings us all back to the beginning again.

Maybe I’d rather not have to think about this anymore.


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