Labyrinth III

I sit here alone in the labyrinth, now. Alone for however long it’s been. There is no point in keeping track of the time anymore; I am trapped in my mind for eternity.

A break in the hollow silence. Footsteps, running. Speaking, but distant, so the words are unrecognizable. A door opens, and closes. Between the choices of rotting away in my corner, and following, I choose the latter.

Slowly, crawling, standing, walking, I make my way to the sound. I find the door, and crack it open very slightly, and I see the remnants of a very powerful energy… colors all around, beginning to fade. I can’t even begin to count all the pathways out. I have no idea where they’ve gone. It’s time to head back to the center. I’m up now, so I may as well see how the labyrinth has evolved.

Over another uncountable length of time, I finally navigate back to the center of the labyrinth. So many choices I could take, but what do I care anymore? I know where they all lead. A mind like mine can only evolve so much before it begins to deteriorate. To end the nightmare, I bring the spiral stairs crashing down. The dust and rubble slowly begins to disappear. It doesn’t matter anymore. I have no options left.

I hear the footsteps again. They’re coming closer. I hide behind a door, but leave it cracked open so I can watch. They walk in together, boy and girl. They do not notice I am here. Words are exchanged. I wonder if I have doomed them, trapped with me here, too. Without the stairs, there’s no way up for them, either.

But seconds later, they rise through the tower, holding each other closely, ascending to the top. Astonishingly, they float upwards, and reach the top, and seconds later, they’re out of sight. And it all quiets down again.

Maybe the spirit who resides here guided them out. I suppose now, whether or not this is my story, I suppose it’s time for acceptance…


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