Rainbows of Community and Togetherness


They sit on a bench at the beach, staring out across the ocean, as the storm continues to drift away. They are both soaking wet, but don’t mind it at all. They watched as the storm came and went, watched as it passed overhead and let the downpour come over them. Now, it was only a sprinkle.

They looked over the water and watched as gradually, spectra of colors appeared dimly over the water. The color became brighter and brighter, and arching rainbows take over the sky. They appreciate it again. It has been so long.

As the world converges, as all these people stop just to stare and marvel, as we all join together as one to watch the sky, the boy and the girl share this moment with each other, with just these words, repeating in their heads, over and over…

“It will all be okay.”


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