~Restoration~ (Ember, Part Eight)

Hello. Welcome to Ember. This project started out as a simple idea for a gift, and has become so much more than that. This nine-part story is dedicated to my favorite musical artist in the world: Kubbi.

On February 5th, 2015, he released the album Ember. This story is a response to that very soundtrack. Each part of this story correlates with a song from Ember, and is correspondingly named. Ember is an adventure that I hope you will enjoy. Thanks so much to Kubbi for releasing this amazing and inspiring creation. If you enjoy what you hear, please go give your support to him.

I’d also like to thank Emily Pineau of Nilly Writes for reviewing and helping me edit and being very supportive throughout the process of writing this.

The story corresponds with the soundtrack. I highly encourage listening while you read. The line breaks indicate the pace you should read with the music. Longer groups of words should be read with more energy and speed. You will get a natural feel for it as you listen (although don’t obsess over it, this isn’t necessary to understand the story itself).

This is part eight of nine to a progressive story, which will be updated once a week. If you wish to see all of Ember so far, it can be found here. If you wish to see the individual posts, they’re listed below:

Part One – Pathfinder

Part Two – Ember

Part Three – Firelight

Part Four – Cascade

Part Five – Compass

Part Six – Overworld

Part Seven – The Cairn

It is finally time for Ember, Part Eight: Restoration.

Thank you. ~<3~

Silence in the warm embrace,
Eyes closed in dark, still face to face,
They float with stillness, empty space,
Neither of them knowing this place.

Fearless now, they wait for light,
To hear a sound, to see a sight.
Even here, darker than night,
For once, they truly felt alright.

Zeina was a passive soul,
Drawing beauty made him whole.
Shyness beyond his control
And loneliness did take its toll.

Pyra was the active one,
Passion burning like The Sun,
Wanting freedom, she would run,
Because with it all, she was done.

Into the labyrinth, the descent began,
His truth is revealed, and she offers a hand.
He starts to accept that himself, she finds grand.
The Compass activates, and it brings them to land.

Then, they ascend, see the overworld’s sky,
Watching the beauty atop the hills high,
She learns she can trust; it’s okay for her to cry.
She controls the wind, and they begin to fly.

Zeina held her, comfortable now.
She made him feel like he was revived,
Through the empathy that she had showed,
And together, all they had survived.

Pyra heard his breathing soft,
He, the one she now would trust.
Feeling closer every second,
Willing to do anything that she must.

Now, the lights begin to return,
And the two remain suspended in a sphere,
Around them, images began to form,
The places they’d been began to appear.

The labyrinth and the overworld,
The Compass and The Cairn were here.
Their homes, all the way back on Earth,
And the crystal in the center of the sphere.

They saw their homes and wondered
If anyone was missing them now.
They remembered being taken from reality,
But still didn’t have answers why, or how.

Would it be answered at the final destination?
Zeina and Pyra wondered the same.
If they proceeded forward, all the way to the end,
Could they return to from where they came?

Recently, their perspective of home had changed.
They found that strength and warmth in each other.
If they went back now, if they chose to seperate,
Would they ever again be together?

They both knew now they felt something beyond,
Eternally gravitated, they polarly attract,
Through language that doesn’t need words,
They knew they were feeling the same thing, exact.

Zeina and Pyra looked at each other, in silence,
Knowing that they had to make a decision.
Asking each other what the other one thought,
Whether or not to follow intuition.

Zeina admires her flowing cascades,
Pyra sees reflection in his eyes.
They make up their minds together as one,
And to the crystal, the pair of them flies.

Energy of every imaginable frequency
Begins to radiate, the power of love and spirit.
Harmonious sounds and heartwarming feeling
An amazing experience just to hear it.

They watch their story unfold around them,
As they left this world!
To the final destination, they were heading,
As around them, their collective story swirled.

Each snowflake like an ember, dancing all around the sky,
The warming firelight was shining, flaming, energized,
The spirit, dreams, fell in cascades, to reality defy,
A compass pointing only forward, to journey and surprise.

An overworld of symbiosis, coexistant energy,
Its power was just like The Cairn, to build to the relation,
To make it to the end would finally set them free,
The souls were finally completing the ultimate restoration.

Slowing, calming,
Softly landing.
Solid ground now
Where they’re standing.

Warmth departing,
Crisp and cold.
Embers landing,
Fading gold.

Hand in hand,

Eyes closed,
Part of,
In love.


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