~Compass~ (Ember, Part Five)

Hello. Welcome to Ember. This project started out as a simple idea for a gift, and has become so much more than that. This nine-part story is dedicated to my favorite musical artist in the world: Kubbi.

On February 5th, 2015, he released the album Ember. This story is a response to that very soundtrack. Each part of this story correlates with a song from Ember, and is correspondingly named. Ember is an adventure that I hope you will enjoy. Thanks so much to Kubbi for releasing this amazing and inspiring creation. If you enjoy what you hear, please go give your support to him.

I’d also like to thank Emily Pineau of Nilly Writes for reviewing and helping me edit and being very supportive throughout the process of writing this.

The story corresponds with the soundtrack. I highly encourage listening while you read. The line breaks indicate the pace you should read with the music. Longer groups of words should be read with more energy and speed. You will get a natural feel for it as you listen (although don’t obsess over it, this isn’t necessary to understand the story itself).

This is part five of nine to a progressive story, which will be updated once a week. If you wish to see all of Ember so far, it can be found here. If you wish to see the individual posts, they’re listed below:

Part One – Pathfinder

Part Two – Ember

Part Three – Firelight

Part Four – Cascade

Here we are in Ember, Part Five: Compass.

Thanks for reading so much! I hope that you enjoy the center of it all. ~<3~

Columns of light
And shafts of dark,
They feel the energy,
They feel a spark.

She learns his passion,
He turns away.
She doesn’t understand.
He doesn’t know what to say.

She admires the drawings and paintings,
Colors spread across every hall.
Now, Zeina knows they’re getting close
To the center of it all.

She didn’t seem to understand
Why Zeina felt so shy around her.
She loved to explore his mind’s labyrinth,
Seemed a little upset it would soon be over.

Zeina didn’t know how to tell her
How much her admiration meant.
It made him very happy, but he didn’t know how
To handle their literal and emotional descent.

He hoped she couldn’t tell he was distressed,
But didn’t understand how she couldn’t be.
He’d pulled Pyra away from her home, somehow,
But with all this, she seemed to be happy.

“I’m sorry, Zeina,” Pyra softly said.
“Pyra– for what?” he studdered.
“…Are you scared of me, Zeina?”
“I can leave, if it’s what you preferred…”

“No, you don’t have to, I don’t want to be alone–”
He’s stopped himself, afraid she was going to.
“If you want me here, then I’ll stay,” she said.
“I honestly like it here, too.”

They both then silenced.
They’d made it to the center.
“This is The Compass,
It’s where you can exit and enter.”

She looked up from the bottom,
And simply stared in absolute awe.
She appeared to be at the bottom of a tower,
The rainbow of colors stretched as far as she saw.

Here on the bottom, she saw twelve doors,
And looking up, could count twelve floors.
“We have to get to the top of that?” she asked.
“Yes,” he says, and the labyrinth roars.

“Of course, I’m not entirely sure how,” he says,
“I can’t find the way up, I don’t know why…”
Then Pyra feels a pull upwards.
“That’s okay, because I think we’re gonna fly.”

Zeina was shaking a little bit.
Pyra saw that he was scared.
She held him close, to comfort him.
Unlike others, she really cared.

“Zeina, it’ll be alright.
I promise you won’t fall.”
She felt that he was scared of flying,
Ascending up this tower, so tall.

Zeina stood, shivering in silence.
It was true, he didn’t want to leave.
But maybe not for all the reasons
She was led to believe.

“I can let go if you want, Zeina,
If it helps you feel better…”
Zeina, at a loss for words,
Tightly wraps his arms around her.

Now, Pyra certainly didn’t expect
To recieve such apparent affection.
With anyone else, this wouldn’t happen,
But she felt like his protection.

She’d never been quite so open
To anyone like this, as she could remember,
But now to Zeina, who she barely knew,
She felt calm in his warmth, like a radiant ember.

“I’m terrified
Of what’s above.
Of what we’ll see,
Here in the mind of…”

“You,” she said,
“And that’s okay.
We can head back now,
If you prefer to stay.”

“No…” he replied,
“I want to let you free.”
Scared of what she will see,
Is he what she wants him to be?

Each of these sections stood for
The thoughts by which he was defined,
And now, they lifted off the ground,
Through every element of Zeina’s mind.

Fire, red, was symbolized by “nu”.
The passion burning in his soul.
The fiery cascades, the beautiful landscapes,
The things he wanted to make him whole.

Life came next, also known as “no”,
The vibrant orange amplified
A life at home, in solitude,
A life spent alone, feeling empty inside.

Energy, “tu”, was bright yellow,
Everything here was in constant motion.
A thousand sunsets that he had seen,
Pulsing waves add to the commotion.

Reality, “su”, was solid chartreuse,
And showed his world, his little town,
The walking folk, who never smiled,
Trapped in a place he felt so down.

Earth, “ta”, was a happy green.
It showed his love for the natural.
For him, home was his safe haven
Among the woods, and light snowfall.

Time was “ru”, aquamarine.
She saw his deepest memories.
Every time he was ignored,
The cries for love that no one else sees.

Ice was “tsa”, the light cyan,
The silent snow was freezing cold,
With every flake that hit the ground,
He painted softly with bristles gold.

Spirit, “fu”, a deep azure.
It calmly came to signify
The wonder of when life would change,
If anyone else could see this sky.

Water, “te”, a deeper blue,
Showed him in his hopeful, faithful state,
She saw now all he really wanted
Was somebody to love, for who he could create.

Dream was “sa”, flowing violet,
An amazing look at the vast surreal,
His colors, wonders, fears and hopes,
And love for which he wished was real.

Wind was “tra”, magenta skies,
The display of his thrills and fears,
To color the world, but hide away,
To open up, but avoid the tears.

Space came final, it was called “ku”.
Colored rose, weightless, questions do arise:
Would he find love? Should he even try?
Pyra saw herself in his future’s skies.

Finally, at the top,
She saw the spinning crystal.
Zeina, so full of emotion,
Couldn’t stop the tears at all.

She felt truly compassionate
For all the loneliness and doubt.
She held onto him with one arm,
And with the other, to the crystal, reached out.

Nu, no, tu, su, ta, ru,
tsa, fu, te, sa, tra, ku,
Elements of every
Mind and soul, here, shine through.

Pyra touched the crystal,
And the world vibrated.
The labyrinth changed minds, and
His and her souls traded.

Now the labyrinth is hers,
And it shows her memories.
Pyra has to end it
Before he, Zeina, sees.

She brings his hand out to
Touch the labyrinth’s crystal,
And they fall through again,
Out of there, the mind’s world.

Zeina slowly starts to
Open his eyes, and finds
He’s alone no longer,
To his feelings, resigns.

Pyra now the one who’s
Crying, tightly hugs him.
Zeina holds her, closely,
And they reach the overworld.


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