~Firelight~ (Ember, Part Three)

Hello. Welcome to Ember. This project started out as a simple idea for a gift, and has become so much more than that. This nine-part story is dedicated to my favorite musical artist in the world: Kubbi.

On February 5th, 2015, he released the album Ember. This story is a response to that very soundtrack. Each part of this story correlates with a song from Ember, and is correspondingly named. Ember is an adventure that I hope you will enjoy. Thanks so much to Kubbi for releasing this amazing and inspiring creation. If you enjoy what you hear, please go give your support to him.

I’d also like to thank Emily Pineau of Nilly Writes for reviewing and helping me edit and being very supportive throughout the process of writing this.

The story corresponds with the soundtrack. I highly encourage listening while you read. The line breaks indicate the pace you should read with the music. Longer groups of words should be read with more energy and speed. You will get a natural feel for it as you listen (although don’t obsess over it, this isn’t necessary to understand the story itself).

This is part three of nine to a progressive story, which will be updated once a week. If you wish to see all of Ember so far, it can be found here. If you wish to see the individual posts, they’re listed below:

Part One – Pathfinder
Part Two – Ember

That being said, I warmly welcome you to Ember Part Three: Firelight.

Thanks one again, and I hope you enjoy! ~<3~

Run away,
For yourself.
They’ll never understand.
Give love.
Feel none.
What’s the point of trying?
Friends care.
They don’t.
Does it help to trust?
Feel hot,
Feel cold,
What is real warmth?

She is running with the wind,
Lets it take her anywhere.
The sky is clear, the air is hot,
It’s hard to see beyond the glare.

She’s running far from everyone.
From our world, sprinting, she leaves.
Letting nature make her path,
Pyra through the forest weaves.

She loves it here.
The trees and flowers welcomed her.
The birds singing
Melodies unlike any other.

The sound of life…
The feeling of the connection…
When Pyra hurt,
The forest was her protection.

Running for comfort,
Running for freedom,
Pyra would never be betrayed again!
No one could ever
Let her down like this
If she didn’t give trust, if she didn’t befriend.

She didn’t need them all.
She just wanted to be alone!
No one could really understand the type of girl she was.
Care about her dreams?
No, they mocked them instead.
She was tired of people saying that she had a worthless cause.

The forest was her dream, her life.
She wanted to explore.
She knew for sure it was her passion,
Nothing she loved more.
But from these friends, most every day,
She’d constantly endure,
“You’re weak!”
“A girl?”
“Just give up.”
Well, no more.

“You’re wrong!” she’d screamed,
“You just don’t understand. Shut up, okay?”
Shouting, “I’ll do this without you!”
Was the last thing she would say.
And maybe if she’d waited,
They’d have asked her to stay.
She didn’t give the chance to them.
By then, she’d run away.

She’d explore by herself.
She didn’t need anyone’s guide.
Pyra felt fine,
Although, it still seemed to sting on the inside.

“I’ll be okay.”
The comfort she tried to condone.
It didn’t work…
Could she really bare being alone?

Run away,
For yourself.
The voices knew the truth.
Give love.
Feel none.
She trusted them the most.
Friends care.
They don’t.
They all hated her.
So hot,
She wanted someone to care.

She was finished with it all.
She was just done.
She’d hereby declare
That of this, she was aware.
Pyra was still running.
So hot yet neverending.
She didn’t even notice
She was falling, descending!

To grasp the situation,
Pyra spun herself around.
She was falling straight downwards,
But the bottom wasn’t found.
Everything felt sideways,
Trees grew straight out of the cliff.
And moments later, underwater,
She swam up to catch her breath.

Tired, breathless
Shivering hard.
Dizzy, fainting,
Have to hold on.
Colors, sounds,
Become so blurred,
Falling, falling,
Have to hold on…

The heat from her body,
The cold of the water,
The energy of anger,
The exhaustion of running,
The active prescence,
The fiery soul,
She wants to believe…
She wants to feel warmth!

Pyra tries to stand,
She barely keeps her balance.
She tries to run again,
But trips and hits the ground hard.
She gets up again
Despite the scrapes and cuts,
She was going to make it,
Didn’t care if it scarred.

The voices cried, “You’re weak!”
She ran, despite it all.
The voices cried, “A girl?”
She would wear the queen’s crown.
The voices cried, “Hopeless…”
Because they didn’t understand.
The voices told her to give up.
“I will never stay down.”

The forest stayed silent.
She slowed her pace.
Something was peculier.
Something out of place.

And that’s when it struck her:
She felt gravitated.
The wind became stronger and stronger until
She found herself rising, flying, levitated!

Colors flashed brightly,
Frequent sounds echoed,
Across the wide valley
And down the winding road,
Pyra found herself
In an absolute trance
In the striking beauty
Of the crystal’s dance.

With no control,
She let it take her in
Around the crystal,
The world seemed to spin.
Pulled straight out of
This world of her own,
Maybe she’d gotten her wish
To finally be alone.

She ran so she could live her dream,
She let the wind direct her journey.
It brought her here, where is she now?
Would her friends search? Would they see?

She has run so far away,
From our world, sprinting, she’s out of sight.
The warmth she seeks is for inside,
She seeks, explores for firelight.


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