Deeper into Madness

What is that echo?

I hear the crying.                                           All running parallel,

Is it me? Is it her?                               I cannot focus

Is it someone else?                                               on any one event

I see you behind me.                                  as everything

I lock the door.                                                 is crumbling

I run backward in time.                          apart

I open the door.

I apologize.                                                      Help me.

You cry.                                                              Kill me.

I don’t know




It’s all gone.

Where is my faith now?

Quick announcement: I am pushing back the date on my release of the short story so that the timing works out better. A lot has been going on that I had not anticipated, but it will be released before the end of April, most definitely.

Thanks for keeping patient, hopefully everything goes as planned.


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