I want to run away, and never say goodbye.

I want to know the truth, instead of wondering why.

I want to know the answers, no more lies.

I want to shut the door, and open up my mind.   -Linkin Park

The screams echo endlessly in my mind.

The words aren’t meant to terrorize anyone.

It’s a release of frustration, and expression of desire

To escape what feels like a trap of fate.

It’s a wish to stop living in ignorance.

It’s a prayer to have faith in prayers.

The spirit wants more than anything

To be


Thanks to Linkin Park for the four poetic lines at the beginning of the post, from their song “Runaway”. Speaking of music, I am currently working on a story dedicated to one of my friends, who is an absolutely amazing musician. It will run parallel with his recent release. This is going to take awhile to finish, but I plan to release the first part on April 5th. I sure hope he will like it!

Prayers to everyone’s spirits to be free of oppression and depression. ~<3~


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