A Plan

For you, dear friend

I shall write a story.

I shall write poetry

For your melodies;

We’ll be like dancers,

Supporting each other,

Living in harmony.

I will introduce the world

To your beauty.


One thought on “A Plan

  1. Happiness Abundantly Received Manifests Oneiric Nuances; Yes!

    H A R M O N Y !

    Wow, Kaprekar. Your glow overwhelms me; and his!
    The things I have been feeling for you and through you, tell me now I also have a direct connection to the soul of this brother of mine who loves the piano just as much as I always have. You know about my musicianship’s early death sentence, but that chorus room is his to fill with music, his to brim with songs made of your beautiful words! I have a very good feeling about him and both of you. I met him already, sweet sister, 175 days ago; [isn’t he the one?]

    Looking forward to your stories, praying for the perfect timing for both of you and [for him to be holding you even in your darkest days],
    I send you my blessings and Love and (((healing hugs)))
    Your Brother Leon

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