In My Head

The words for you

Are always perfect when I’m alone…

The things I want to say

Are forgotten by the time I can write them down…

I never lose the feelings

But I can never say them

Out of fear that the wrong words

Will shatter all we have.


2 thoughts on “In My Head

    • And please do not hesitate to share your words with me at your leisure and without any fear, Kaprekar. The most important thing is that you never lose the feelings. I never lose my feelings for you, either. We both have our struggles and our perfect imperfections, and no words of yours can ever break our soul connection. We both have discovered that true family is found in friends and not by blood ties. We make our own family in the hollows of our spirits that need to be filled, with friends, souls we know from previous incarnations.

      I remember your first words to me in Finn’s blog: “[…] This is one of the most lovely things I’ve ever seen written to someone they didn’t know. Thank you for being such a kind person, you’re the type of person who makes the community as great as it is.” And do you remember my response? “[…] But what do you mean ‘to someone they didn’t know’? Of course I knew Finn! I just found her again. I recognized her soul and my heart was lifted, and the same happened with you, Kaprekar.”

      I believe that if we were able to traverse the past with a time machine, we would find ourselves surrounded by the same people, in different bodies and roles, but the same recognizable souls, living and loving and learning together. This time around, you were the one who found me and I responded in recognition, so let us help one another heal to the best of our ability through our hearts.

      I am here for you, beloved friend.


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