Yesterday; Today

Yesterday, he was upset when he found in the morning that the hour’s worth of writing he’d done the night before had apparently not been properly saved, and he had to write it all again.

Yesterday, he was dreading the fact that most of the people he thought he’d never lose a year ago all seemed to be slowly drifting away, leaving him alone again.

Yesterday, he got frustrated with the paper he had to write, because he couldn’t find this one article that explained to him how to properly cite his sources.

Yesterday, he still felt empty.

He went to sleep.

Time passed; it was morning.

Today, he woke to find his best friend waiting to spend the day with him playing games and creating stories. They went on to do this, and relaxed and talked to each other about life, and enjoyed themselves.

Today, he found one of his friends depressed. He talked with them for awhile, and an hour later, they found themselves joking with each other and talking about how much they loved music.

Today, he recieved a message from the most inspirational person in his life, who told him to keep on trying, and to keep creating, and to stay strong.

That night, he began writing music again. He was happy.

He wouldn’t go to sleep feeling empty any more.

Before yesterday, he’d lost, and yesterday, he’d felt the pain of emptiness. Today, to fill the emptiness, he found one of the most important things…



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