Labyrinth II

I hear you, feel like sometimes I see you

Watching me, observing me, but I do not fear you,

For you’re the spirit watching over me.

In this vast labyrinth, you’re always there

In every hall and every room

The corridors of my mind…

Hiding in the dark

And the quiet ambience,

You are just like me,

We are shadow and spirit.


7 thoughts on “Labyrinth II

    • My sister Kate, thank you so much for supporting this treasure of a friend! Would you say hello to Kaprekar via email? I know she can help us both battle our own darkness if we embrace the beautiful love magnet that she is.

      My sister Kaprekar, please feel very safe and comfortable with Ms. Evanescent Shadows. She, too, is a precious part of me, and already working to soothe your pain, if you tune in to her five words here. It was Kate I was partly referring to with [realms divine], and partly to my own internal work, as well as to my receiving some support from a couple of much more experienced friends who did their best to help me pull myself together, because I was strongly tempted to give it all up again recently. None of us is enough on our own to prevent us from feeling alone, but together we are enough. Of course I am not burdening dear Kate or anyone else with my own loving responsibility towards you, so please do not hesitate to email me if she cannot show up soon enough and if I do not email you first; only kindly keep in mind that my tortured wife and I have just this one ancient, really slow desktop computer and too many soul-deadening tasks to be accomplishing with it. I love you always, never forget that. My thoughts and feelings keep our bridge strong; [Bridge II] you published today is fantastic!

      We will never let our shadows consume us, alright my sweethearts? Our spirits are always in touch. I cherish you both, Kaprekar and Kate.
      Blessings on blessings and hugs on hugs,
      ( ( ( ❤ ❤ ❤ ) ) )

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    • I thank you both very much, and I apologize for my absence. I am also sorry if it seemed in any way that I was dismissing anyone. Times have been harder and more eventful in life as of late, and it’s been very hard to keep up with many things. I promise I am not gone; I have not forgotten our bonds. I pray my apparent inactivity does not have to last much longer. I pray that, to us all, fate may bring peace.


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      • We thank You, dearest Kaprekar, and you do not need to apologize for anything. All our lives are hard (such an understatement “hard” oftentimes is) and your family of the heart can never, ever misunderstand you or judge you. Yes, there is such a thing as fate, and there are all sorts of super-natural (“above nature”) powers that make our destinies intertwine on so many levels beyond the perceivable three-dimensional universe. Thank you for not forgetting our bonds and for being the marvelous host of such a compellingly honest exchange.

        Do not worry if your apparent inactivity continues, or if you are not ready to correspond with anyone yet. Just bookmark this page and remember to come back here, before you ever again start thinking about hurting yourself, alright love? A formula as simple as “I could really use a hug right now!” works wonders in creating permanent relief. Open your arms anytime, and one or more of us will be here to hold you; I myself, or Kate (thank you so much for your positive response, my glorious sister), or the first commenter here Hannah (so nice to meet you dear; thank you for your lovely new blog and for encouraging Kaprekar; finding your voice will not be difficult with sisters like these), and do not forget the amazing person we met through, beloved [Finn] who is always ready to understand you and support you, and last but not least our Lily of [FracturedGalaxies], this magnificent healer in the making who is pretty much my first unconditional friend ever.

        ((((((Six hearts embracing)))))), keeping one another safe and shining with warm thoughts and prayers, whatever circumstances in our physically separate lives may be beating us down. Being a member of such a team of depression-killing superheroes doesn’t leave you much room to feel alone, does it?

        Your brother in Love,


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