It wasn’t really her lying, was it?

No, it was her mind… lying to her. She was not too weak to fight back, but she didn’t even realize there was anything to fight against.

It was another night in which the blade would be her escape. She didn’t really even think about it anymore, it was just a natural thing to do. No one seemed to notice. The only concern she had was that she was running out of space to keep the scars that crossed along her once smooth skin.

She didn’t consider whether or not it was the “right” thing to do, because that decision had already been made for her. Everyone who’d ever given their opinion told her that it was the right thing to do. Everyone, of course, only consisted of one person. And that was the voice inside her head.

It’s not that no one would care, but everyone else around her was in blissful oblivion. She probably didn’t even have to hide it; no one would notice. Everyone around her was so caught up with themselves that they never looked around them to see the world and those that reside within it.

And in a universe where no one noticed, there would come a day when her flesh could no longer hold together…

…and she fell apart. And of course, only then, the world noticed…


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