THE END is a puZZle

I should have expected this, but I understand why I didn’t.

I have had an ominous fear of this day for a long time. 8/26 was the end. And I didn’t have any idea what that meant. I just knew it was the end. Of something.

So now, whatever had ended… has ended.. but I’ve been handed a puzzle to figure out what exactly that is.


I should have known it would come to that.


But I feel okay. I feel happy.



Everything is okay.


One thought on “THE END is a puZZle

  1. A little nudge from a fellow piece of the divine puZZle. So we are on ZZ=FinalFinal today, at the end of the end, the beginning of a new era, yesterday having set the XY coordinates to sail into our destinies.
    So, 8/26 for me means:
    The end of existential loneliness.
    2+6=8, so 8/26 = 8/8 = ∞/∞ : Infinities meeting.
    Who We Were IS who we are:
    Operating from fullness,
    not from emptiness or need anymore.
    To spiritual love.
    Handed with the duty of helping others awaken.
    By hostile forces obstructing us,
    hence your/our “ominous fear”.
    Because we have one another, each being whole
    because each piece contains the whole.


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