Affect Me


I go back and look upon my work a lot. I read it, and listen to the emotions that emanate from my writing. I write of joy, I write of pain.

Other people write of these things too.

So why is it…

…that their joy makes me so much happier?

…that their pain hurts me more than my own?


3 thoughts on “Affect Me

  1. Same here, Kaprekar.
    I guess the answer is that we realize more than the average person how inherently connected we all are. Our existence does not mean much if we view the world through a lens of separate beings.
    I gravitate towards the old soul stage, but I think we both have more of the mature soul in us. Don’t you relate to this?


    • I spend a lot of time trying to empathize, and see the world from different perspectives, sometimes even of those I feel I despise. You begin to create a much better understanding of those around you, as well as find yourself able in some ways to relate them to yourself. These connections are what allow us to use empathy.

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      • Time well-spent, my friend; even (and sometimes especially) when they really despise you because your destruction is their assignment.
        My current life lessons have too often been too harsh to handle, but I know I chose every bit of it somewhere in our life between lives, as I chose meeting You. Our souls signed an agreement together, and it is such a solace to feel us honoring it so naturally, protecting one another with the high vibrations we are creating. I am profoundly grateful. Take care, precious Kaprekar.


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