He sleeps.

Tomorrow is his birthday. Chances are he doesn’t remember that, even though his wife reminded him a few hours ago.

He will be turning ninety-one. A very old, respectable age. Most people in the family had made it into their nineties, they supposedly had long-life in their genetics. Unfortunately, most of those relatives had passed on by now.

He was a grandfather. Had been for over twenty years. Some of his grandchildren had even graduated college, gone on to get married. No great-grandchildren yet, though. Soon enough, inevitably.

He doesn’t really feel pain anymore. He is very numb to his surroundings now. All his memory consists of is his name and who he’s married to. It’s not his fault that he can’t remember where he sleeps some days, or forgets what meal of the day it is, or forgets where he is.

With his memories draining away, his life slowly is, too. The fire that is him is dimming, being finally overpowered by all the cold that surrounds it.

But he will always be remembered by those who loved him, and his spirit will continue to influence those around. Maybe he will speak to people in their dreams…

Maybe, I’ll be fortunate enough to hear him in my dreams…

When I sleep.


2 thoughts on “Ice

  1. Wish I could offer solace. Sometimes I think that losing others isn’t about what is lost, but what is gained by remembering the best times you shared with them. Nice piece, thank you for sharing.


    • Thank you very much for your insight. What you say is very true. It can sometimes be very hard to lose someone you care about a lot, but it’s important to know that if you truly care for them, they will always be with you, no matter what. Not even death can prevent true love, the spirits will always find a way.

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