It’s an obsession, something you can’t turn off. In every number, I see meaning.

For example, the number 51. Any “normal” person would just see the number fifty-one. And that would be all it meant. But I, without trying, think, “Oh, 51 is 3 times 17. I like 17, so 51 is a good number.”

Then things can get as random as 1,829,352, which is some number that popped into my head when I was five years old and hasn’t left me since, for no real explainable reason.

And it’s not like I have an obvious reason for this. I don’t have any real reason I like 17, I just do. I’m not crazy, I’m pretty sure of that, but I was wondering what other little obsessions people have.

Some people have an obsession (more like, a lot of people) about symmetry. Things to them have to be symmetrical, or it will just bother them for “no good reason”. Other people will have obsessions over the placements of certain objects, and their orientation. This is not “OCD”. OCD is something entirely different, and I’m honestly tired of hearing it be called that when it’s not.

So why do we have these obsessions?

And furthermore

Who are we to say that someone else’s obsessions aren’t important?


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